• what pops into my head is that it's a person who has lost his love (diamond) cause he's cheated with other girls (stones) i like the saying :)
  • well i think it means that sometimes we are too quick to pass judgement on the people around us. judgement based on color, religion, societal class, looks or whatever reason so choose to dismiss a person before we really give them a chance to show themselves. sometimes we even do it out of fear. matters of the heart is where it occurs most often. and i think they are saying that you shouldgive everyone a chance to prove their worth to you before throwing them away. and if you find someone of that worth then kee them close as the one you cast them aside for may not be of quatily in the end
  • kind of a "dont know what you've got till it's gone" or maybe focus on whats important(people you love) instead of the superficial(flat screen tv's)
  • To me, it means that we don't give the proper value to people closer to us, how important they are. Specially in our youth we tend to look elsewhere for acceptance,companionship, (sometimes in the wrong places). The people who truly love you are always there for you no matter what.
  • that if you have someone thats right there in front of you, then you should take the time to tell them how you feel and/or whats on your mind because you never know if that person is going to be there tommarow to tell them...

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