• They can pee standing up.
  • woman, i get annoyed when a man complains about shaving his little ole face. +5
  • Female. I like men. I like to hit them real hard and watch them try not to cry.
  • I'm female and there is nothing that annoys me about males. They're my favorite people as a matter of fact! Happy Thursday to you! :)
  • im female more interested in females so i will say what anoys me about us would be the mixed signals and games we play
  • Im female but since I date them, I will respond to what annoys me about females. One is that they are hard to read, they are too emotional, they are really sensitive...and just plain hard to read from my perspective, but i dont know nuthing haha
  • I am male and prefer females above males in both sexual and intellectual relationships. What annoys me about females is that they can be really mean to the male side. They're evil! That's why I like 'em.
  • I'm male and what annoys me most about females is when they assume that all us men are pigs and dogs that need to be kept on a short leash because we can't be trusted. I especially hate it when a woman assumes that if she lets me buy her lunch or dinner that I'm going to be expecting her to get naked and have sex with me. Believe it or not ladies there are still some gentlemen left in this world whose every waking thought does not revolve around how to get you naked and into bed with us..
  • I'm male, and lots of things annoy me about women, but top of the list is their gullibility. Women are incredibly good at constantly reminding us men that they are intelligent, because they assume if you say something, it makes it true, as opposed to just showing it to be true, but this is contradictory to their actions, because while they're banging on about being intelligent free-thinkers, they're showing with their actions that they're incredibly gullible. For proof of what I speak of, you need look no further than the gender wage gap. Obviously there will always be a gap between the genders when it comes to earning, you'd have to be seriously deluded to think that all men and all women will earn the same one day, and the gap can always be easily explained if we just study it a bit, it basically comes down to the individual choices between men and women, men by and large tend to do dangerous, dirty work where they are exposed to the elements, and women by and large tend to do safer cleaner jobs usually in an office environment, and of course, these jobs will always pay different due to the risks involved. But ask most women, ones who say they're intelligent, ones who you know are intelligent, and they'll all assume the same thing, that the wage gap exists because of discrimination, which is one of the biggest lies still used today with women, in order to make them feel like they are victims and that they need feminism. Not many women will say; "If it costs 20% less to hire a woman, why would anyone hire a man?" "There are laws in place to prevent pay discrimination in all western countries, so where is the discrimination" "Most men I know work, most women I know don't work, the wage gap makes perfect sense to me" The reason is simple, gullibility, if I was wrong, women would ask more questions instead of just believing things that paint them as victims. This is just one of the things that annoy me about women, I'm so glad you didn't ask me to list everything.
  • My wifes constant demands for sex...! Utter nightmare ;-)
  • Attempts at flirtation when I'm trying to be serious. I'm a guy. I suppose that women have the same peeve with men. +5
  • I am a Male, and what annoys me most about Females are the following: drama queens, when they make a big deal out of nothing lack of logical flow, talk about things that have nothing to do with the issue at hand. expectations, claim to be independent, but at the same time think that a man is suppose to do things for them. also, for some reason, lot's of women seem to think if you speak to them, you want something or that your trying to hit on them, and yet, if you don't they think you are gay or something.
  • Multiple orgasms. Male.
  • pubes on the toilet seat
  • Alright, well the thing that bothers me the most about women is that almost 80% of women in the world just so happen to be hoes. Now look if you are a woman reading this there is a posibility that you are not a hoe, but you might just be and you don't want to admit it. Now a hoe is a woman who will go out with a guy, then sleep around and still flirt with othe guys while she has a boyfriend, and yes women flirting while you have a boyfriend happens to make you a hoe. Men if you are currently in a situation with a hoe use a system I call the yellow and red card system. Now I don't know if you have ever watched soccer or not but a yellow card is considered a warning, so if your woman is acting slightly like a hoe and starts talkin about some other guy in the car and how he's hot or some shit like that just give that bitch a yellow card and say "look you're kinda being a hoe right now and it looks like you're gonna be walking home tonight" and then drive off lol. In a soccer game a red card mean you're out of the game for good. So if your woman is really being a hoe and you see that bitch talking to other guys and flirting with them or if you find some guys name on her phone with hearts and shit beside it, you call up that guy and say "look my girlfriend is being a major slut right now and I think she really happens to like you so now you have to put up with the bitch" and hang up. When that slut- tornadoe (aka. a woman who comes through your life, fucks everything up, and goes on her way real fast like) knows she is done with this relationship, and there is no possible way to rekindle that flame. Then you go on your way and turn your inner-pimp back on! That's what drives me crazy about women, and that's my advice to men around the world.
  • It annoys me when men actually buy the garbage that only women are abused. It leads me to think that those men are just trying to pick up women.

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