• Yes and I prefer it!
  • yes, many, many times!
  • A few times.
  • Oh yeah. And no thanks.
  • yes...I'm shexy like that. When I was younger and far more homophobic, i would get offended, but it does not bother me. They can't help it. They can sense the magic of my penis
  • Yes, I used to be a truck driver. I would get it at truck stops all the time.
  • the first time i ever shaved my head, i was about 22 and a bunch of us went to a ballgame that night ... afterwards at the bar, i had a gay guy ask to rub it ... then kissed it ... not exactly what i was expecting but hey, it was funny
  • Once, at my local coffee shop. It was a very interesting conversation, and I was thoroughly flattered. Girls do a MUCH better job at pick-up-lines than guys do, by the way.
  • Twice. Once at a rave party when I was younger, I was flattered but not interested. The second time came as more of a shock, as it was an acquaintance of mine, who I didn't realize was gay (but evidently though I might be). I think I took it reasonably well, considering I have never even been remotely interested in a sexual relationship with someone of my own gender. +2
  • No-one has asked me straight out, but I may have been chatted up in the past and been oblivious, and just assumed it was a bloke being friendly on a night out, as often happens in a drinking environment.
  • Once about 6 years ago, a guy kinda came on to me, I just told him i don't swing that way, i think he was a bit disappointed.
  • Sorta... I was in theater while in college. One director was giving us notes. I was sitting on the edge of the stage one leg up on it, one down on the floor below it, slightly turned sideways to see everyone else. He came over, sat in front of me to give me my notes. As he was doing so, he leaned into my "personal space", getting too close for comfort. I leaned back, and he stopped leaning in, leaned back, then got up to continue notes to me and everyone else. I took it as a "pass" or "checking to see if I was gay". Never had another "pass" that I know of.
  • If you are approached by your own gender that means you kind of look gay to them. I used to have a co-worker who is straight, married with kids, gays guys always came up to him. They thought he was gay just by the way he talks and walks. His own community talks about him all the time when he's at the party dancing, he's totally feminine. As for myself, no never, I guess I don't look man enough. haha The lesbian can sense something if the other person is also a lesbian.
  • Yes. I have absolutely no idea why. He must have been blind or stoned. +5
  • No. The closest thing that happened was the guy at the drive thru sort of held my hand softly as he handed me my change.

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