• Early grades female (mother figure) Later grades male (father figure)
  • I went to an all-male school and we only had one female teacher, and she was only there for a year. She was French and that was her subject. She was also an absolute stunner - thanks for reminding me.
  • girl teachers i liked better because i wasnt used to being around men
  • ... no ... ... just as long as they were competent, I liked them ...
  • No good teachers come in both sexes, every shape and size.
  • Until I was about 15, I had lots of crushes on female teachers---especially the ones who wore short skirts as I was hooked on nice legs. In high school, I quickly fell for a gorgeous black male teacher who was very obviously gay. I was terrified to say anything until graduation day (I was 18) when I just blurted out that I thought he was beautiful. We spent every night together until I went away to college. If I could do it all over again, we'd be married right now.
  • ugly female teachers so I can concentrate on learning
  • When I was in grade school, there were no male teachers there. I went to Catholic schools in middle and high school where all the teachers were nuns.
  • I liked female teachers especially the pretty ones.

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