• It's more responsible than him not having a designated driver. The son has a driver's license, so I see no harm, personally. Besides, its the son's turn to pay dad back for all the taxi runs he probably did for him as he was growing up!
  • Not irresponsible at all. I think it is very responsible. What kind of son would rather have his father get behind the wheel when drunk?
  • Providing the son is happy to be the designated driver I think it actually demonstrates responsibility on both parts. If the son is in no doubt that his father won't drink and drive he is more likely to respect the law himself. . Having said that it works both ways and I would not expect it to always be the boy driving around his father and his mates - some give and take needed!
  • I feel sorry for the son. Who is basically "babysitting" his own dad. Not a very good example on the part of the father. I bet the son would like to be doing other things sometime then making sure he is "available" to go and get dad from the local bar. I'm glad he isn't behind the wheel and the son probably is too. But having to babysit daddy isn't right. What is the dad teaching his son when he does this sort of behavior? +5
  • It would be even less responsible for father to drink and drive. If teenage son is agreeable, there are worse things to bond over.
  • its beyond irresponsible, its childish bullshit!!! Apparently the father is a little confused at to which one of them is the parent. It is not the sons responsibilty to babysit his drunken father. The father should have arranged for an adult DD (one of his own friends.) If there wasnt one member or his circle of freinds who was responsible enough to DD, then the father should have done it himself. he sent a clear message about passing the buck when it comes to responsibilty.
  • I don't think it's irresponsible. As soon as I turned 17 and got my license I taxied my dad, step mum and their friends when they wanted to go and drinking. I had no problem with it, plus dad would give me a tenner for it.
  • I think the kid might be a bit young to see his father being drunk but it depends on age. Here in holland you can drink at 16 but you´re not allowed to drive till you´re 18. So it doesn´t really happen over here. But unless the kid is 20 or older, I think dad just has to take a cab..
  • Well in one way he is showing his teenager that it is better to use a designated driver when he gets drunk. And most teenagers do at some time. But in the other way do you want your teenager to see you getting drunk. Is that showing your child responsible drinking? Well maybe cause if is asking for a sober ride. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Maybe it would show his son how stupid you get when you are drunk. I just don't know.
  • It seems a shame for the son having to wait around all night, unless he is happy to do so, or is getting paid for it. He should just get a taxi home.
  • It's really not that bad!! I mean ok when I was younger my uncle would pay me to go to the fridge and gety his beer for him!! The drunker he got the more he paid for each beer!! I wasn't really old enough to grasp the importance of money buyt I thought it was fun to help him out and he repaid me for it so it was ok!! So pretty much what I'm saying as long as the kid is ok with it, it's not all the time, and the kid gets paid back for it the whole idea seems alright to me!! And the kid is seeing that it is important to have a DD so when he goes out hopefully he will see why it is important to have one!!
  • No, it's responsible. In Britain, almost everyone has been drunk many times before they get their driving license at 17. It's just helping a family member. Just as long as it's not twice each week, or when does the kid get to go out?!
  • It all depends on your motive behind the question dear freind. You may be a bitter ex wife who hates the fact his father is having a great time with his son and looking for bitter ways to stop this. If so, be a better woman than you are and stop your bitterness.
  • I don't think so. Makes sense to me. Teenagers aren't old enough to legally drink. If the Dad has that option of having a safe designated driver and he wants to drink to have a good time, I say why not? As long as the kid isn't uncomfortable with it.
  • I see no problem at all. It is showing responsibility in having a Designated Driver. My son has picked me and my wife up when we have been dining with friends, and I have picked him up when he has been partying with his friends. As long as the care has a fully qualified, totally sober driver, it doesn't matter who it it.
  • Perhaps the Father felt more 'comfortable' with his son. After all; they are 'blood.' And the Father is setting a good example.
  • I think it's good, it teaches the son what his father probably preaches or will be preaching to him about not drinking and driving
  • The father surely did not birth his son, strictly to be his chauffeur when he goes on a drinking binge. if i were this mans son, i would refuse to be a part of my fathers alocoholism. Being a designated driver has its place in society. friends going out to a party and one non-drinking person, volunteers to be the designated driver. this is okay, since it does not occur that often and there mostly likely, no relatives involved. The son feels obligated to fulfill his fathers demand, since he knows the car will be offlimits to him, if he does not oblige. this is blackmail. This is not only irresponsible by the father to the son, its also intimidation. Good question. john

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