• Little bit.
  • Yes, a total nutcase. Especially military history. +5
  • love history and to read about history and to watch the History Channel. but i don't think i would consider myself a buff.
  • Mentally, I BARELY live in the PRESENT! I'm most comfortable spread out over 25-30 centuries. I feel incomplete without a working knowledge of these times and cultures. So yeh, guess I am! ++++
  • no. nobody can be because history is largey inaccurate
  • I was back in high school.. And I'm still pretty much obsessed with the History Channel.. But nah, I'm too crazy about history. lol.
  • Not a buff per se, because it seems complicated to me, but it is interesting.
  • I like history themes not the actually history. Ive been like that since I was 10.
  • Sorta kinda around certain, very specific subjects in history =P
  • Ni. In highschool I always got beat up by the history buffs and mathletes
  • I like reading historical stuff, sure. Never got that Buff license, never will. My two favorites is Egyptology (is that history? maybe) and the America west. Now just interested observer, Buff may be the next step.
  • I did really well in my Music History classes in college. I wasn't that interested in the rest then, but I like it now, but I'm still no expert on it.
  • I use to be. I am in regards to certain things.
  • History was my worst subject in high school. I almost flunked it. But alot of my friends are very knowledgeable in history. I am much better in math.
  • Yep. And a history major too!
  • A social history buff, yes!
  • Yes indeed.
  • No, but I like to read history and talk about it. I am no expert though.
  • I wouldn't call myself a history buff but I do like reading about the history of my own country, Europe and how it influenced other countries such as America and Australia.
  • Not really, I dropped out of history at 16 and didn't touch it again until my Masters. I am really into modern military history now though =)
  • Yes, I am. But I'm not a battles and dates and major movements in history buff. I'm not the sort who would put on a uniform and pick up a musket and go reenact a battle. I'm more fascinated with the nuts and bolts of history, which probably took root from reading and loving Laura Ingalls Wilder as a kid. I also loved reading Eric Sloan's books, Diary of an Early American Boy, Reverence for Wood, etc. And I loved Good Old Days magazine and Early American Life magazine and Smithsonian. I love knowing how those major movements of history effected people and how they responded to the challenges. I love knowing what they ate, what they wore, where their fabric came from, what tools they used and how they worked, how they traveled, why they settled where they settled, how they worshiped, how they raised and educated their kids. I'm a great lover of old tools, and I know how to use more than a few (not expertly, unfortunately). I know how to break and train, harness and hitch and drive a horse or a team of horses. I know a fair bit about different types of carriages and a little about horse drawn farm machinery. I know a bit about the farming seasons, although I've never lived in the grain belt and never raised grain. I know how to sew and garden and can and cook. I've never cooked on a wood stove, but I've watched my mother do it. I know how to cut and split wood. Wherever I've lived, I've delved into local history and learned who settled what and when and why they chose that location. I've learned a good bit about transportation in that area. Its an eclectic mix of history that I'm interested in and often not many people study the areas that I do. Sometimes I'm the only person who has checked a book out in years. But it means that I'm the only person who knows that there is the wreck of a steamboat in a certain area where modern speedboats now play. I know that its steam engine is still down there, but its whistle is on top of a certain factory, hooked to an air compressor and blowing quiting time. Its fun knowing those things.
  • Buff? Well. . . . . .maybe! I most CERTAINLY enjoy "The Discovery Channel" and "The History Channel"!
  • Yes both my husband and I are, people think we are nutts.

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