• I broke my thumb one time. I was canoeing and my friend and I were portaging the canoe. He pulled on the rope, I wasnt ready, and it laid my thumb back on my wrist. It was a miserable trip back to our vehicles..
  • I fell out of a tree haha.
  • I broke my collar bone. Goofing off.
  • I have had half a dozen broken bones at different times and it always comes back to I was doing something stupid.
  • I broke my left collarbone and three ribs in a motorcycle accident. I broke my right collarbone and nine ribs in a bicycling accident. I broke some of the small bones in my right hand in a fight. I broke my right hip and shattered my femur and broke my right ankle in a parachuting accident. I broke my right leg in two places in a mountain biking accident. I think that's all.
  • Yes, motorcycle accident.
  • In my younger days, as any 11 yr old boy might do when left unsupervised with a friend, power tools and some wood, I set out on a mission to create 2 big ass viking-ish battle axes with which I planned to use to dual with my friend (to the death). The Axes turned out great, very strong and sturdy! But my opponent (being the lowly orc he was) took a cheap shot and ended up hitting my hand breaking two of my fingers and ending my legacy as an orc slayer.
  • When i was in elementary school , i broke my shoulder bone goofing around. +5
  • I was 9 years old and the only friend I had was a pitbull. We use to play tag:) as soon as i would tag him he knew he had to turn around and tag me... I was jumping between my mothers flower beds. As i was about to jump again he got me from my sock and pulled, I fell and broke my radious and my ulna from my right arm. The sad part about all this was that my dad ( arrr! ) got rid of the dog, while I was in the hospital. :( ( We use to have hours of fun.)
  • My right clavicle, motorcycle accident.

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