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  • Start with the "Safe Word". It is hard to use a safe word around a gage ball or any gage. B+D is a long way from S+M. you both better read about and agree upon what gets you off. try reading out loud to each other, short stories that get you off. Take turns.
  • Chanta Rose's book "Bondage for Sex" has lots of good information with pictures and artwork that teach some very good bondage techniques. She also addresses some good points to consider before and during the time you tie someone up. Happy reading!
  • It is all in the way you both feel. It is not something you read (books or otherwise) and do. How do you know what you people are doing or did is not BDSM? A simple thing like gagging your wife with your hand or palm whilst in itself is an act of. There is no harm in increasing your knowledge but please do not get enticed with posh terms and modern terminology. Do what you both love to do, not what a book or a site says. Yes, if you want to purchase stuff for BDSM then that is a total different story. You would have to know about the article in detail before you get it. More than how to use it, the how NOT to use it is important. Using them with precaution and safety is the key. As much as pain increases the fun, being stupid hurts, always. *wishes luck*
  • I think it is "interesting" that a man who knows nothing about BDSM married a woman who likes it. Must be frustrating for all. Who is supposed to be the Dom in this relationship? But go slow and communicate. Its a two way street. Both people should derive satisfaction from the practice.

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