• Yes, but you will likely earn a nickname, like "Rainman".
  • I am! I test very well, but often forget my shoes, what someone has just told me two minutes ago, and the list goes on and on. At least it keeps me somewhat humble, because I never feel smart due to my airhead moments. I try to keep up on politics, science, and whatever else interests me.
  • Yes, intelligence is different than the ability to focus... I've known quite a few intelligent people who cannot get their attention to settle down on one topic. It's rather disturbing to be around them, in my experience, sort of like watching one of those music videos that fire random images at you rapidly.
  • yep. you can have the most amazing random thoughts, which are incrediably interesting and in some cases lifechanging, but you may always forget where your car keys are. the most tragic of circumstances is when the 'scatterbrained-ness' itself prevents the intelligence from being the most effective.
  • Something, I have noticed that when people are highly intelligent or book smart as I call it they do not have much common sense. I thing their brain just thinks differently. My sister is that way very very intelligent but not smart when it comes to the small stuff.
  • Yes, I have known a few absent minded professors in my life. Couldn't remember basic things, but brilliant at seemingly useless subjects.
  • I'm one of those people. I spend hours on my homework getting distracted (Recently, on answerbag), my room is a mess, and I always forget stuff that I am supposed to do, but I score the highest on my tests, and figure out new concepts instantly.
  • Yes. Some of my professors are very intelligent and they are so scatter brain they don't remember to bring what they need to class all the time.
  • Sure can. My grand father is like that. Brilliant physacist but couldn't ride the bus if his life depended on it. And I get it too. I'm not brilliant, but I'm not dumb either. The problem is I saw what's on my mind too much and not all of it is brilliant.
  • of course yes this is because even the prof. do forget some little details
  • Yes , we have people come into work from Universities and whilst they are obviously clever when it comes to common sense decisions some of them don't have a clue.
  • einstien was ,supposedly he was the butt of many pranks while he was in university.
  • YES very easily, a lot of incredibly intelligent people have very little common sense .
  • Yes, because I know for a fact that i am one. I lack basic common sense and I have a mind like a sieve, and yet I can still be portrayed as an intelligent person
  • I have seen people like that, actually I am married to one. He doesn't seem to have any logic and reasoning at times, but he is very intelligent for the most part. Very scatter brained at times.
  • einstien was considered a "bad egg" in school
  • Yes, a co-worker of mine is a scatterbrain. In fact, I called him that exact name in an Instant Message the other day. He is clumsy and bumps into things and has a touch of dyslexia but he is very smart in certain respects and can assemble and install almost anything without reading instructions and he has good people skills so I think he is intelligent.

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