• I like looking at the products and then figuring out how to do the same thing with what I have. I did buy the skin tag remover. It worked, but I accidentally rubbed it in my eye and when I went to the dr the next day they didn't know what was in it or how to treat it! They gave me something to put in my eyes and then called the next day for me to come in and get different meds. I love being experimented on by the new interns! What's even more fun is trying to put salve and drops in your eye when you can't see well enough, even if your eyes weren't inflamed and watering, without your glasses AND you have hand tremors!
  • ive never tried thenn
    • lavender
      I know you haven't, however that was not the question.
  • There's a "As Seen on TV" store in the mall near me.

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