• i say bring em back and the real harsh ones. maybe that will scare criminals into straitening up
  • I remember I had a debate on this when I was in high school and I was against it. The main reason was, we as people have no right to decide to take someone's life. There are arguments where people say it takes too much money to keep them alive, but then there are also people that say it takes too much money to execute them. What about the people that are wrongly accused and killed? You can't just say, "Oops let's bring him back now."
  • I am in favor of the death penalty because I think that some crimes are so heinous the people who did them don't deserve to live: rape, child molestation, murder, gang-membership, etc.
  • I am against it. I think they should be kept in prison for the rest of their lives, and attempts should be made to make them into decent individuals (if it's possible.)
  • Just leave them in jail forever, feed them beans and bread and forget about them. I'm not for the death penalty.
  • Well, given how our justice system works, I'm against it. I just don't trust that people will get the fair trials that they need for this to work. From underpaid and over worked public defenders to rubber stamping appeals courts, I'm not convinced that the right people are being executed. If I was absolutely certain that it was done even handedly, I wouldn't have a problem with it. Although if we could ever get around to doing actual rehabilitation that would be a much better idea. But I'm not holding my breath.
  • No one has the right to take the life of another. Either way however ex-cons can get jobs, and that mindset is what encourages this behavior in these people. They can't get jobs at the Bellagio in vegas maybe, but they can go to mcdonalds and fry burgers just like the rest of the underachievers and dropouts want to do. There is no reason exconmen can't invent things or support charity causes or do good in this world and get paid for it. that and there is always a chance that person is innocent, and you can't just kill them off because you think you know the truth.
  • I would keep them locked up for the rest of their lives. I would let out a lot of the prisoners inside on drugs offences. All the users, and a lot of the bottom-level dealers.
  • I'm against the death penalty but I'm probably a hypocrit because if somebody killed or raped my family member, I'd probably want to, or perhaps even carry out the death penalty myself if I knew who did it. On the more rational side of things, however, the death penalty is against my faith, it's extremely expensive to carry out because of the U.S. legal system and all it's appeals, and finally, statistics demonstrate that innocent people have been executed, perhaps frequently. People who have been locked up for life have been released based on new DNA evidence, and how many people who rode the lightning may have been exonerated with our modern science?
  • Aileen Wuornos was a prolific serial murderer, she was put to death, but the reason for her crimes was simply that she had been constantly abused by men throughout her life, had she been identified as a victim of abuse and treated appropriately, she might never have committed murder at all. Some people desrve to die, but very few, more still need to be treated with respect, and by a psychiatrist, before being condemned. Therefore, I am neither entirely for or against.
  • I'm all for it, though not for the same reasons. There are plenty of ex-cons who have jobs and go on to lead productive lives. Most, however, usually end up back inside because they go back to their pre-prison lives. But it's a conscience choice on their part. . I believe in the tenent of an eye for an eye. If you take a life, you pay with yours. There has been a shift in the justice system to moving from a punishment standpoint to rehabilitation. The main focus should always be punishment. Rehabilitation is secondary.
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