• Because they are smart and know how to make and save money? I don't know I personally Don't care what someones religion is. I love everyone, but Trolls
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Sure. Wait till you get older.
  • Its all about the politics. People hate Jews because Jews carry a message: the Torah. Please see my answer here: # In other words: If you are Jewish but you don't practice Judaism and everyone thinks you are Christian, people wouldn't hate you for being a Jew. The fight is over Judaism, the message the Jews carry, not the Jews.
    • mushroom
      Plenty of people seem to claim it's the more pedestrian perception of "control of banks, politics, media and so forth.
  • Jews are cool dude. Why would anyone hate them? I think that some people run into "bad" Jews and can not seperate a bad person from a group of people. It's wrong to stir up trouble but the truth is you'll see people from every race do it. The odd thing is the Jews have a word for it especially for that type of discrimination: anti-Semitism. Unfortunatly some have already spun that wheel and it complicates life for everyone.
  • It's spooky. If someone has a good answer please tell me. How does one group offend so many. God bless em'...
  • Because of the Jewish culture. Due to the history of there culture and there inability to assimilate into other cultures. The Jewish culture has separated itself from bonds that all other cultures live by. Jews can't assimilate into any other culture on earth because of its design. The underlining belief is that Jews are special and above everyone else. "the chosen people"... Jews are hated because they only help other Jews to promote the Jewish culture. They only help non Jews if there is a profit to be made. Socially they are known to be deceptive, with there own interest in mind. They approach all situations as users, business, and parasites. They are hated for the same reasons as big oil, Wallmart, Mc Donald's, Nike, and Enron. Sucking up resources, getting rich from lies and financially enslaving people they do busines with.
    • mushroom
      Is it an inability to assimilate, or is it the refusal by others to allow them to assimilate?
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      This answer is complete BS. The only culture where Jews haven't been able to assimilate is Egyptian because they were enslaved. lol
  • I don't think that 51% of people hate the Jewish...
  • I think most poeple might make jokes about the jews but I don't think that most of the poeple out there hate them.
  • Not quite sure what youre talking about. Maybe its your area. Because I've never met anyone who hates Jewish people (or tell me they did). Honestly, I've only heard one person make racist jokes about them (and it was to his Jewish bestfriend who was making jokes about his friends race). I dont think most people think anything bad about them, in fact, they may feel sorry for them (holocaust). *Edit* I felt like adding that Jewish people are a small minority (possible one of the smallest) and havent posed any threat or done anything to recieve a fair amount of racism. Infact, you should be more angered that smotimes that group of people are overlooked. But I definately dont htink most people hate Jews, never heard any real negitive talk about them unles it was from some neo-nazi group.
  • They don't.
  • I don't hate Jews, I just don't care for the fact they occupy Palestine, a land that is not theirs! Let me give the US to some other people and see what Americans will say and/or do!
  • What a ridiculous question. I sincerely doubt that the majority of people "hate Jews". Hey....want to know what I DO hate? People who make broad, ignorant generalizations. *rolls eyes*
  • I think people should hate people on an INDIVIDUAL basis and not as a group. That's the most ignorant thing in the world to me. Stereotypes are stupid and people that follow them are even more stupid. I don't hate anyone unless they are evil or just plain cruel to people or animals.
  • Most people don't, even if they don't like the politics of Israel (but who likes war?). Political and religious fanatics may hate Jews but I don't think most people do that.
  • I am Catholic and go to an all boys Catholic high school and I hate it. All the guys are always cracking jokes about Jews and the Holocaust; I find this appalling. I don't see how anyone can hate someone else because they practice a specific religion. Anyone who hates Jewish people only because they are Jewish should PURCHASE A NICE PIECE OF REAL ESTATE 6 FEET UNDER!!!!
  • I don't hate Jews.. But I despise the Zionist movement “The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New world Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia, is going to become Reality for the whole world.” — The American Hebrew [Magazine], 10, Sept. 1920 “The Jewish people….will attain World domination by the dissolution of other races…& by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order, the Children of Israel…will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition…-(Baruch Levy to Karl Marx, quoted in Review de Paris, 6/1/1928, p. 574 “The International Jewish bankers rule the world through debt, which is money they create out of nothing. They need world government to ensure no country defaults or tries to overthrow them. As long as private bankers, instead of governments, create money the human race is doomed. These bankers and their allies have bought everything and everyone.” - Henry Makow “The Federal Reserve banks are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this nation is run by the International Jewish bankers.” - Congressman Louis T. McFadden (Rep. Pa) “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right MAJOR CRISIS, and the nations will accept the NEW WORLD ORDER.” ― David Rockefeller — Chairman, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
    • mushroom
      In the past 100 years, there have been perhaps three Jewish prime ministers, outside of Israel. Doesn't seem to be a very convincing movement.
    • mugwort
      For someone who starts out writing you don't hate Jews you';re reponse is horrifically antisemitic. New World Order, Jewish Bankers Your diatribe is extremely hateful.
    • Army Veteran
      @ mugwort - no it isn't antisemitic. You're one of the many who do not understand the difference between Zionism and Judaism. The United States, in particular, recognizes the separation between church and state. The same separation exists between Zionism and Judaism because Judaism is a religious/cultural entity while Zionism is a political movement. Antisemitism laws do not apply to political entities. Timtim is 100% spot-on in his observation of Zionism. Zionism uses Judaism for its own advantage. It was the Zionists who threw the Jews under the bus. It's all documented.
  • I wondered that with so many Christians....Jesus was a Jew....not a Christian...???!!!!
  • because of south park! but then again, they hate everyone.
  • I don't hate Jews... I know this sounds odd, but my sons Godparents are Jewish... Even though it is a Christian Tradition. I love the Jewish People.
  • They are afraid, for their own reasons. Maybe they are christians and they believe the Jews killed Christ. Maybe they think Jews are responsible for all the Arab problems. I only knew one person of Jewish faith, and he was a great person to know.
  • I wondered about this too after seeing a video on YouTube called "The Tribe" about the woman who invented Barbie and Jewish people in general. The best I could figure is that the Jewish community is fairly insular (probably because of all the persecution over the centuries), which tends to make people suspicious. Move over, I think that they are generally perceived as successful and intelligent (Just look at how many great scientists were Jewish). So people get jealous.
  • Hey guys, I just wanna thank you guys for making nice comments about supported the Jews saying that you like them and think that they are kl. Not many poeple like us cos I think it's because of iver hatred or jealousy, maybe both. But do not listen to what the people out there say bad stuff about Jews. We are not bad poeple, we are poeple who are just trying to live a life like you do. Go to school, do GCSE'S, go to collage, go to work, raise a family, blah blah blah, all the same stuff you do. And not all Jews are strickly religoius, me, I love to eat Bacon and I've been in church a few times cos I school. I didn;t go to a Jewish skool, I went to a mix up. We are not stricked, we are pretty much just laid back Jews. I mean, look at AMY winehouse, she;s Jewish and she;s caused trouble. So what difference does it really make? We are all the same, so what if we have a different religion, we are just normal people like you trying to fit into the world. I mean, think about how much pain and terror Jews had to go through in world war 2. 8 million children died because some man hated Jews cos he blames them for his bad luck in life. So anyway, I wanna thank you guys again for saying nice comments about Jews cos it's really not that easy being a Jew. I mean, im scared that someone will oneday shot me cos Im a Jew. Anyway, also look at Israel. If you donno about Israel, then take my advice and go there, it may be a small country, but it si BEUTIFUL. There are many beautiful places there. I went on tour around Is rael so I pretty much discovered it and you should discover it for yourself. It is fantastic and check out how much history there is with Jews fighting for Israel. Jews are not bad poeple, they are just like you. Thanks agen. ***************************************
    • Army Veteran
      Do yourself a favor - get an education on what Zionism is. It is not your "friend". It claims to advocate for the Jews, but it merely uses the Jews to justify their own political existence. It was the Zionists that fed the Jews to the Nazis in WW2.
  • I wasn't aware that "so many" people did? Not since Hitler anyway, Palestinians too, but that has been going on since the beginning of time.
  • Centuries of scapegoating. People do have to have their witch hunt to take out their frustrations. Like people in the US are doing to immigrants right now. If your life isn't so good, at least you can make sure someone else's life is worse. Makes these people feel powerful and in control of something.
  • Just pure prejudice, brought on by centuries of envy. After all 1)the Jews have only ever benefitted positively the countries they have lived in by funding government projects from the Middle Ages to the present day. 2)they never expected the people around them to conform to their lifestyle or religious beliefs 4)they were always well educated and clean 3)they behaved themselves, never led an uprising or inspired terrorism and for this they have been picked on, chased out of their homes, deported and killed. All they ever wanted was their homeland back: a small desert land with few people living in it. And they are still denied that basic right by those living around them, who would perform a bigger Holocaust than Hitler could have dreamed of if they ever got the chance.
  • Travel to Israel and you will see the light. Do you think jews like Americans? Just try to pass the customs at their airport there, you'll get your first clue.
    • mushroom
      Do you think Brits like Americans? At Heathrow customs, there are prominent signs reading "EU passport only" and "All other countries INCLUDING United States of America."
  • Jews run the political scheme in America causing the current credit fiasco and mortgage crisis. Jews are the world bankers and run the media and hollywood. Most of them are not moral and are very corrupt and don't care about America but Israel. America needs to wakeup, why do you think the Germans wanted to get rid of the Jews and every other country in the world. Wake Up - Sure there are some good in all races but the jews that run things are extremely corrupt and very anti-christian. Who do you think doesn't want nativity scenes in America and wants to ban the ten commandments and now doesn't want you to wish Merry Christmas to anyone at christmas time, just wants you to say 'Season Greetings" Wake Up People The Jews that are in Power are Extremely Corrupt.
    • Army Veteran
      No, it isn't "Jews" - it's "Zionists". There's a difference - if you don't believe me, just as President Joe Biden - he's a Zionist.
  • I don't think they do I don't anyway.They have never done anything wrong outside of their own region you don't see them on US/UK terrorist lists .Leave the Jews alone. These people haven't had a break for about 6000 years according to their Historical date beliefs.Plus Holocaust!They are in fact historically the most persecuted people ever.....
  • Alot of people hate something because they were raised to hate them. Also things that are different scare people.
  • They all have some much damn money!! lol jk.
  • The core of the issue is not the Jews. It is actually related to these three items: - Babilonian Talmud & Kabbalah - Protocols of Elders of Zion - Zionism All of them are evil and manipulated by ATHEIST Jews. Research them and you will find out. My 2 cents.
    • mushroom
      Tell us how you really feel.
  • i don't hate jews. i don't hate anyone because of their religion or race. that's just silly. but i know people do stupid shit like that.
  • Lets start with the media. Do you ever wonder why jews have a large stake in the medial Well, read your history. Its not like we moved in and took over. 20th Century Fox, started by a jew, Columbia Pictures, started by jews,Warner Bros, started by Jewish brothers, MGM, started by jews, Universal started by jews. Same holds true for the networks. You people think that it some unholy thing that jews are in the entertainment business. Here is the answer, WE created Hollywood, we have been there since day 1 and no reason for us to leave Secondly, jews didnt kill Jesus, the Romans did. I dont care that the jewish leaders picked him out to die, it was the Romans who killed him and the Romans could have said no Third, assuming he did die because of us, you should thank us,because 1, it was his destiny to die and 2 and more importantly, if he hadnt been killed, I can guarantee you that Christianity would have never been created Fourth, those who are so concerned about the deaths of Palestinian children by Israeli soldiers, how about the millions of Sudanese black Muslim killed by Sudanese White Arabs. How come that doesn't worry you. If you take the number of Palestinian children who have died by Israeli hands and multiply that by ten thousand, it will still be less than the number of Sudanese children that have been massacred. How come you dont mention the Rwandan children that have been killed and raped. Here is a beter one for you, come come African muslims are flocking to immigrate to Israel through Egypt. Not onlyt are the Egyptians treating them terribly, they shoot at them as they try to cross the border into Israel. As for the the whole We are the chosen people, the terms doesnt mean we are chosen and the rest of you are crap, it means we are chosen to bring everyone to god. Being the chosen doesnt make us closer to God but rather we are more answerable to him than any other group and there are rewards an punishment. Rewarded in that we are a vibrant nations after thousands of years, and punished, well the Holocaust wasn't only the latest in crap we have had to endure from the rest of the world AS for the comment we are racist because we identify the religion based on the religion of the mother is idotic. We arent a race, we are a religion and while Christianity allows anyone in just by opening their mouth, we have rules of who is a jew and even if one isnt born a jew ,he or she can be converted and the conversion of a child born of a jewish father and non jewish mother is easily done. One can argue that Islam is racist because once you are born a Muslim you can never leave and in some Arab countries you can be sentenced to death for converting to another religion And finally if we are so racist, how come all religions are free in pray as they wish in Israel, but no other relgious display is allowed in Saudia Arabia
    • Army Veteran
      If Isreal was established as the "Homeland for the Jews", why are there more Jews living in America than Israel? There are a few flaws in your narrative - mainly because you don't understand the difference between Judaism and Zionism. It isn't "Jews" who have a large stake in the media - it's the Zionists. The reason for this is that the media is a tool that can be used for manipulation. The media controls how people think and behave (look how the "pandemic" has been blown all out of proportion - by the media), and this is a valuable commodity for a group that claims to be "the Aristocrats of the world" ("better than everyone else"). Did you know that it was the Zionists who threw the Jews under the bus in WW2? And as for Palestine, the Jews don't belong there - they're trespassing on land that was promised to the Arabs by Britain two years before it was handed over to the Zionists. No wonder there has been a steady conflict there for the past 73 years. Anyone of mixed blood is not of the "chosen" Jews. The "chosen" Jews are those who are in the lineage to inherit the Promised Land. They are unique because their bloodline has remained pure - unlike the European invaders who made secret deals with Britain to get their hands on Palestine (to create a political state) and then try to exterminate the Palestinians to create more living space (in Germany it was called "Lebensraum" and condemned. When Zionism does it it's supported by their puppets). Do yourself a favor - educate yourself. The Jews are not bad people - they've just allowed themselves to be duped, and they suffer discrimination because of it. Find out who your real enemies are.
  • Don't know. What's the big deal with hate anyway, it's not much fun. Oh wait, maybe they don't taste's not right...don't know...
  • I don't
  • Karma is a bitch. What goes around comes around!
  • I know a heck of a lot of people and not one of these people hate jews!
  • They don't, you have been misinformed!
  • Because of the Jewish culture. Due to the history of there culture and there inability to assimilate into other cultures. The Jewish culture has separated itself from bonds that all other cultures live by. Lets take this clever point and analyze it. Yes, jews usually dont assimilate into other cultures. Lets see why. 1. Does the word Ghetto mean anything to you. Most countries have segregated jews into their own area. We didnt have a choice and was forced to live in certain areas. 2. Jews werent allowed to farm or be artisans as they were not allowed into the Guilds. Kind of hard to associate when you arent allowed. Jews werent allowed into politics, couldnt vote assuming there was a vote, couldnt mingle with general public. 3. Hard to assimilate when countries kick you out. See history of Spain, Portugal, England Jews can't assimilate into any other culture on earth because of its design. The underlining belief is that Jews are special and above everyone else. "the chosen people"... 1. Chosen doesnt mean we are better, we are chosen to bring the light of God to the rest of the world. We are hated because the so called Chosen race wouldnt join Christianity, which was supposed to be the chosen group Jews are hated because they only help other Jews to promote the Jewish culture. They only help non Jews if there is a profit to be made. 1. There are more jewish hospitals, charities than any other group and they help everyone. Ever hear of City of Hope. Its an organization to help eradicate cancer. Its a primarily jewish group that help everyone. Ever hear of Jerry Lewis. Has raised Billions for MS 2. Cure for polio was discovered by a jew. If it wasnt for one of us, you would probably be crippled Socially they are known to be deceptive, with there own interest in mind. They approach all situations as users, business, and parasites. 1. Thats right because everyone else thinks of their fellow man. What proof do you have of this. I can say that Christianity has been a blight on this world since day 1. More people have died and been tortured in the name of Christ than anything else. Almost every Western European war that killed millions was in the name of Christ. Every war between Europe and the Middle East prior to the 17 century that kill millions of Muslims as well as jews that lived in the Middle East was in the name of Christianity I can say that Christians are hysterical killers and torturers, who are dirty, filthy and illiterate. They only think of themselves and have no compassion for anyone else. Everything I have said was 100% accurate through the 17 century. Things have changed since then, but then again the Germans in the 1940 who killed 6 millions jews, millions of Homosexuals, Gypsy and Russians were all Christians themselves They are hated for the same reasons as big oil, Wallmart, Mc Donald's, Nike, and Enron. Sucking up resources, getting rich from lies and financially enslaving people they do busines with. 1. You mean like these companies that provides millions of jobs to your fellow Americans and are owned by millions of American stockholders and makes the US the largest and strongest economy in the World. (excluding the financial problems we know have) If it wasnt for these companies and big jewish business man, we would have no economy, no entertainment business and most us would be poor farmers. Every nation in the world throughout the history has benefited from jews living in their countries and every country that has kicked them out has always suffered for it. Its not an opinion, its a fact. Jewish money helped the US revolution and the US become a country We constitue 2% of the US and our contributions to this country and the world are uncountable. We are the richest and most educated group in this country and not because someone gave it to us but because we earned it.
    • Hello
      Look up what "Cultural Assimilation" means, than rethink your statements. -- Its more than just close proximity to, or do business with. Marrying outside the jewish religion is still frowned upon by older jews. Most places of work where jews are the ceo, they will openly praise and promote jews over others. It's openly elitist. Most people hate elitism in all groups (even members of that group). I don't disagree with your statements on other groups re struggle for power and so on, but this is a thread about "Why do so many people hate Jews?". If there was a thread about "Why do so many people hate (any other religious group) or (ethnic groups)" there would be answers that pointed out flaws in the some manner. In fact a lot of the answers would be very similar -- humans. Than someone like you from that group would get upset and try to dismiss that groups transgressions against society with a histories of struggle, climbing for power via hard work, contributions to society, and finally everyone does it - so its ok.
    • mushroom
      Ever work for an Asian-owned company?
    • Army Veteran
      The Jews didn't have a problem assimilating into German culture - until their "intellectuals" (German-Jewish word for Zionists) declared war on Germany and accused Hitler of "exterminating Jews" in 1933. People may say "yes, he did exterminate Jews", but this claim came long before Hitler had built the first prison camp. As a matter of documented fact, the "6 million Jews" claim and "extermination" predated Hitler by 30 years - it was a common item seen in the Zionist-controlled media throughout the early 1900s.
  • Why do people hate any group? There are millions who hate Christians, Muslims, people of color other than their own…the list goes on. Where I am, it would be really hard to find someone who hated a Jewish person.
  • Apparently they even hate each other. Look at how many liberal jews voted for Obama instead of McCain. What position does that put Israel in!
    • Army Veteran
      Obama was a Democrat. Joe Biden is a Democrat. Joe Biden is also a Zionist. The "position" that it puts Israel in is one that has had influence in Democratic administrations going all the way back to Woodrow Wilson.
  • All I can say is that I have never met anyone who has expressed anti-Jewish views, though of course I do know these people exist, just not around me.
  • I Wonder how many people in the world know the jews exist????????// Answer that
  • Stereotypes exist because there is some grain of truth in them.I admit that I don't know a lot about Judaism as a religion, or about the Torah or Jewish law etc. But I DO know about how Jews tend to behave socially. The Jews I know are clever, funny, and interesting people but they are also clannish, demanding, selfish, and yes, overly thrifty. Maybe these less attractive traits evolved out of necessity. Years of inter-marriage, of having to be wary and sharp in business with gentiles and muslims, not to mention the Holocaust, have produced these traits.
  • Generally speaking, they make more money.
  • In the Muslim world, the hatred of Jews is often incited through the use of propaganda.
  • I don't but perhaps it is... because they are smart, and claim also to be chosen people and it's exclusive you cannot become one. It sort of might make people feel they think they are better then other people. Also some christians blame them for killing Jesus.
  • Well,my friend Adolph says it's because they cause all the problems we face. And, oh wait, I dont have a friend named Adolph. Oh. Never mind then.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Aug.12 2017
  • We are not to hate anybody.
    • Joreta Cherry
      Excellent 8/13/17
  • Plot twist why would you like them? Aug. 13 2017
  • This is the planned product of the Rothschild dynasty. They developed this hatred in over 100 years of propaganda. It was done to gain possession of Palestine prior to WWI. Unknown to most of the world the Rothschilds own directly or indirectly every country in the world gaining access beginning in 1743. This includes the USA.
    • mushroom
      Prior to WWI, Palestine was ruled by the Ottomans, who did not let anyone just take their possession without payment. Rothschild paid wildly inflated rates to purchase neglected land for new communities.
    • Thinker
      An update from more research. Because the Jews believe in monotheism they were hated by pagan religions who had many gods. This became more evident with the "Western diversion" or Hellenist Jews who lived mainly in Greece. From information in the book "The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah"
  • Many of them are arrogant and feel superior to other ethnic groups. They claim they are the chosen people of a deity they invented.
    • Army Veteran
      Interesting that while the Zionists ("Jews") were accusing Hitler of discrimination by referring to the Germans as "Aryan", they themselves were claiming to be "the Aristocrats of the world". ("Aryan" was not used in that context, by the way. And even Churchill used it during a speech he made in 1902).
  • have no idea
  • Because of the way they cut their hair. I think the payot is goofy looking.
  • Lots of them are arrogant jerks who feel very superior to all other people. They invented a tale that they're the chosen people of the god they invented. That just goes to show you how arrogant they can be.
  • People hate others because satan’ s strong influence on humankind during this time of the end. (2 Tim 3:1-5). God, however, is impartial (Acts 10:34). We should allow God’s standards to mold us.
  • When people say they hate Jews, they can't be talking about the Jews in the cultural/religious sense because these people have done nothing to deserve such discrimination. When they say "Jews" they mean "Zionists" but lack the understanding of who the Zionists really are. It was the Zionists who created all of the issues that the Jews are getting blamed for - everything has been political. [] "We implore and beseech our Jewish brethren to realize that the Zionists are not the saviors of the Jewish People and guarantors of their safety, but rather the instigators and original cause of Jewish suffering in the Holy Land and worldwide. The idea that Zionism and the State of "Israel" is the protector of Jews is probably the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the Jewish people... It has been the age-old intention of Zionism to intentionally stir up anti-Semitism anywhere possible, and even more commonly, to take advantage of any Jewish suffering anywhere in order to enhance its cause. Indeed, hatred of Jews and Jewish suffering is the oxygen of the Zionist movement, and from the very beginning has been used to deliberately incite hatred of the Jew and then, in feigned horror, used to justify the existence of the Zionist state. This is, of course, Machiavellianism raised to the highest degree." - Jews Against Zionism [] It was the Zionists who threw the German Jews under the bus. [] "We became aware of the propaganda in your country about alleged cruelties against the Jews in Germany. We therefore consider it our duty, not only in our own interests as German patriots, but also for the sake of truth, to comment on these incidents. [] "Mistreatments and excesses have indeed occurred, and we are far from glossing these over. But this is hardly avoidable in any kind of revolution. We attach great significance to the fact that these authorities, where it was at all possible to interfere, have done so against outrages that have come to our knowledge. In all cases, these deeds were committed by irresponsible elements who kept in hiding. We know that the government and all leading authorities most strongly disapprove of the violations that occurred. [] [Consider the possible 'source' of the deeds mentioned, and that their perpetrators 'kept in hiding'. [] "But we also feel that now is the time to move away from the irresponsible agitation on the part of so-called Jewish intellectuals living abroad. These men, most of whom never considered themselves German nationals, but pretended to be champions for those of their own faith, abandoned them at a critical time and fled the country. They lost, therefore, the right to speak out on German-Jewish affairs. The accusations which they are hurling from their safe hiding places, are injurious to Germany and German-Jews; their reports are vastly exaggerated. [] "We ask the US Embassy to forward this letter to the US without delay, and we are accepting full responsibility for its content. Since we know that a large-scale propaganda campaign is to be launched next Monday, we would appreciate it if the American public be informed of this letter by this day." -- Reichsbund Judischer Frontsoldaten, e.V (Jewish Association of German ex-Servicemen)
  • I've never understood the animosity so many people have against the Jewish people.
  • Because the Jews are God's chosen people. (John 1:11) When a person hates a Jew, it's what's inside that person (Satan) who is being manifested. Every time Satan looks at a Jew, he sees Jesus. It is a spiritual warfare. 1 John 4:4 "Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world."
  • only some do that,im sure i dont,i have no reason to
  • It's an ancient hatred originally religious in nature and fueled by early Christians and the early Catholic Church. Most Jews refused to convert to Christianity in its early years, so by the beginning of the second century CE, hostility between Jews and Christians was quite open. This didn't much matter for some time, because Judaism was an officially tolerated religion under the Roman Empire while Christianity was not, but in the 4th century, Christianity became the Empire's official religion, and the Christians turned their hostile attentions towards Jews. It was then no longer politically expedient to blame the Romans for their crucifixion of Jesus, so Jews became convenient scapegoats, as clever editing and rewriting of the Bible in the 4th century made clear. From then on, Jews were subjected to various legal disabilities and mistreatment, to many lies told about them. They were barred from most professions, and when they were allowed to engage in moneylending (because Christians claimed they couldn't lend at interest), suddenly there were even more reasons to hate them and to blame them for everything that went wrong -- plagues, for example. By the time Jews were finally liberated from their ghettos in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, finally allowed to attend universities, anti-Semitism was endemic in Europe and was only encouraged by the fact that Jews proved to be successful and hard-working in a wide variety of fields. Old religious hatreds proved easy to transfer to the secular sphere, and new lies were told about Jews. Fortunately, educated, intelligent people know they ARE lies, and education levels are improving in the world, so anti-Semitism is decreasing. Most anti-Semites today are very ignorant and powerless people who simply resent anyone who appears to be better off than they are and who are gullible enough to believe old myths and lies about Jews.

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