• No. However, depending on the person's own body response, the chemicals that are in the markers might react with the skin to cause other problems.
  • I don't recommend it but as I saw this question I reached for a sharpie I have and in small print by the name it says nontoxic. You'll just have these marker marks for a while.
  • I don't think it's bad, but it doesn't look nice.
  • Sharpie Markers are not to be used on skin. Only markers that specify they are safe for use on skin are recommended to be used on skin. Sanford does not manufacture markers for skin. It is under advisement that you to consult your physician for information related to the health effects of writing on your skin with permanent markers. This company offers safe markers:
  • No, but my friend is allergic to ink. It depends how your organism responds to certain things. They say they're non-toxic, but you never know until its fully proven.
  • Sharpie markers are certified non-toxic, and I think they use an alcohol-based ink. The amount of alcohol absorbed by the body when being written on is probably fairly trivial, as a lot of the alcohol in the ink will evaporate off into the atmosphere anyway (which is why the ink smells), so I guess the biggest risk is in the dye component of the ink, which will remain on the skin when the alcohol solvent has evaporated off. Some markers used to use xylene as a solvent, which was a lot more toxic than the alcohol mainly used today; this could be carcinogenic if absorbed by the skin. So I would say that if you use an alcohol-based marker (such as a Sharpie) that is labelled as non-toxic, then there should be minimal risk; even so, it would still be preferable to use a marker that is specified as safe for use on skin; at least if you get a bad reaction you can sue the manufacturer then ;)
  • I think you just shouldn't write on your skin. Looks bad anyway
  • Unfortunately, most people on the interwebs are, *cough* dead wrong about this whole sharpie on skin thing. Your sharpie says is non-toxic. Correct, one point. But, what is it non toxic for. Hummmmmm Well, it's non toxic for is intended use, silly willy. The intended use being writing on hardhats, windows, cardboard boxes, and other such things. The ASTM standard that sharpies conform to is for writing on things in a well ventilated area. Ie: it looks at the inhalation risk only. (raise your hand it you have 'well ventilated bedroom.) Sharpies contain all kind of fun and deadly industrial solvents it can easily soak into your blood stream through your skin. Awesome! These chemicals, once coursing through your veins can cause liver damage, kidney damage, BRAIN damage, and birth defects. The manufactures know this, and they only claim to conform to ASTM standard D-2436. Take a look, it's right on your pen. If it's non, uh-oh, you might have a toxic pen. Try reading this standard, and decide for your self. To summarize: SHARPIES ON SKIN = DEATH!!!!!!!! (well, actually, a lethal dose would be 1 fluid ounce) ... sorry for the rambling answer, I've been engineering really hard this week. -_~
  • they say non toxic... you decide!
  • Only if you write obscene things! : D
  • Well the pores of your skin are designed to absorb oxygen and with the material of the sharpie covering the pore I can only imagine that you are kind of smothering yourself.
  • I wrote on myself a little bit retracing henna tattoos i got in mexico and so far i havent died but if something does happen to you dont hunt me down :P
  • Meh. You hear all these stories about how it will give you liver failure and kidney disease- but it's no worse than doing something like drinking a little bit of alcohol. Probably not even that bad. I've never heard of someone dying from drawing on themselves, or getting sick, for that matter. I draw on myself all the time- but I make it look nice. Like, good color coordination, shapes, pretty designs, lightning bolts and snakes and hearts and whatever comes to mind. It looks tacky with just scribbles. Dx
  • I dont think so the skin isnt totally absorbant...if it was you would suck up water like a sponge when it rained
  • It must not be, I've been writing on my hands for years and there isn't anything wrong with me. Hand make great note pads and you can't misplace them.
  • I've been writing on my skin for...9 years at least. I write my assignments, doodle when I'm bored, whatever. Sharpies, pens, you name it. I don't do a lot of sharpie anymore, but I used to, and nothing happened. Yet.
  • i've just been looking for exactly the same answer because i'm a doodler but you miiight want to have a look at this i just found it, but i don't think you (we) have anything to worry about!
  • Well...i have had this same question for many many years, I have NEVER gotten the same answer...however i have written on my arms and hand numerous times, with hiliter, sharpie, permanent markers, pens,and lots of other writing utensils. When people say that they are harmfull and can soak into your bloodstream, they are saying this without experience. Im pretty sure it had never happened to them I right? Well I have never heard in ANY case that someone has died, or gotten sick from writing on themselves with a permanent marker. Like i said i have been writing on myself with all types of writing utensils, including permanent markers and have NEVER EVER gotten sick, a rash, or anything from it. In fact at school they had this "love on arms" association thing, and they gave us markers to write on ourselves with. So honestly I don't think that you will be affected in anyway by writinvg on yourself with a permeenate marker. I haven't, nobody else in the world has, why would it happen now?? If the marker says non toxic then i don't see why it would hurt you. Sharpies usually have the word "non-toxic" up in the right corner. With these words right there on the marker to assure you, writing on yourself with a permanent marker is NOT harmfull in anyway. However, to forwarn you, some people with sensative skin, might have a little bit of irritation, but other then that they are not "bad" or harmfull in any way. Unless of course you soak yourself in permanent ink everyday. If it is only like once or twice a week, then you should be fine. However try not to do this too much, and when available use washable marker or other types of ink because they are easy to get off, and eh' if your that scared or worried about sharpies even after this, then just don't use them, stay away from them if you need to. But which ever way you choose, you should be fine.
  • Probably not harmful, but a rather silly thing to do. +2
  • No just don't eat the pen when you are through.
  • It's bad to deface your body with permanent tatoos markers wash off
  • wtf is a sharpie marker do you mean a permanent marker or do you mean a knife idk

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