• When we were married, my wife filled out paperwork to change her family name to mine. Some couples both change their family names to some hyphenated combination. If the laws where you live are similar to those where I live, I see no reason why you couldn't both take any name you want before, during or after the wedding. If your laws are unlike those where I live, this does not apply.
  • Yes you can change your name for whatever reason you want. It is simply an issue of filling out the proper paper work.
  • I believe so (at least in the U.S.). For example, Jack White (nee' Gillis) of The White Stripes took his wife's last name instead of her taking his. I also had an acquaintance that did the same thing because he hated his last name.
  • Forty-eight of the United States base their laws on British Common Law. In those states, the husband and wife may have any last names they want. However, Louisiana's laws are based on Nepolonic Code. In Louisiana, the wife and children must take the husband/father's last name. Nonetheless, there is probably no law preventing the husband from changing his last name to the wife's last name. Hawaii is similar to Louisiana, in that the wife and children must have the husband/father's last name.
  • In the U.S. (and in many other countries) one may use any name the wish, as long as there is no attempt to defraud. “Officially” changing it (updating government records) is slightly more complicated, but for women, simply providing a copy of the marriage license/documentation is usually enough. I doubt that a man would have much trouble making those changes, with the same documentation.
  • Well, I suppose it all depends on where you live. That's always the issue with legal questions. There are a lot of popular misconceptions about name changes and it is important to find out what the regulations are where you live before you make a fool of yourself (been there, done that). Check *your* local jurisdiction. A formal name change may have a different legal standing compared with simply assuming all or part of your partner's name. For example, the following is from the Ontario Ministry of Government Services, which is the legal jurisdiction in which I live. 1. Electing to change your name to a partner's or spouse's name. Individuals may choose to change their surname (family name) or a combination (hyphenated surname) as a result of marriage or a relationship by filling out an Election Change of Name form. Couples who live together in a conjugal relationship may also change their surname(s) if they file a form called a Joint Declaration of Conjugal Relationship. ... Please be aware that if you elect to legally change your name and were born in Ontario, this type of name change will result in changing your surname on your birth certificate (it will appear as if you were born with your married name). 2. Assuming a partner's or spouse's name. You may assume your spouse’s surname or a combination (hyphenated surname), simply by using it. In fact, most communities and organizations accept this practice with proof of marriage. This is not the same as a formal change of name and does not change the name on your birth certificate. 3. Formal name change (adults) A formal change of name involves legally changing a person’s first and/or second name and/or last name. To change your name as an adult, you must be 18 years of age or over and have lived in Ontario for at least one year before submitting a change of name application. Applicants who are 16 or 17 years old must provide written consent of the person(s) who have lawful custody of them, unless the applicants is married or a judge has dispensed with the consent requirement. When your name is legally changed, you will be issued a birth certificate indicating the new legal name(s).
  • Yes, as well as in other countries. I know in Korea, you can not only take the last name of your wife, but the children can also chose which last name they want. I love democratic countries....unfortunately, there are so many countries that don't allow for such things....the US does - we are fortunate. :)
  • yes,, but it depends in the country where you belong,, because, there are some country that they can't allow this kind of situation,, but i want to use my last name if i get married,,=)
  • I know a situation in which this has occurred and it caused some hurt feelings in the family.
  • It does depend on location. In most western countries I think it doesn't matter who takes who's name... But in Iceland for example there are no "family" names. Each family member has a different last name, however, the last name is usually made up of the FATHERS name. The father could be called Þór Magnusson (Magnus´son), the mother could be Guðrún Gunnarsdóttir (Gunnar´s daughter). Marriage will not change their last names! The children however will inherit the fathers FIRST name to make up THEIR LAST name. The boy, Jónas, has the full name of Jónas Þórsson and the daugther, Ástríður, is Ástríður Þórsdóttir. (Þór´s son and daughter). I have heard though that in some cases the mothers name can be used also. Interesting, isn´t it? Harlekkin
  • I know of one I just happened to mention it moments ago here:
  • It would be interesting if they did.
  • Yes, I knew this guy (he was very weird anyway, brain with books but absolutely no common sense) who took his wifes last name. Her family owned alot of businesses locally & I thought that was so strange. He was the first guy I have ever heard of doing this in our area & still is.
  • sure. My sister's husband joking said he was going to take her's because our family's name is kinda known around...she still uses it in business though
  • One of my brothers Ex'es got engauged on the terms that she join the catholic church and he take her last name upon marrige.
  • is this applicable in the united kingdom to take the wifes surname
  • Sure they can.
  • Either way you have to request the official legal name change. So yes. A man can take the woman's last name. Just as a woman can choose not to change her last name.
  • I don't see why not.
  • Sure. He can also wear a white gown and a tiara if he wants.
  • Absolutely! This is something every man should consider, especially if they do not follow the traditions of a Christian-based society. Most people don't even think about the true meaning behind a woman taking on the man's last name, and the significance is that the woman is submissive and under the control of the husband! I can provide for myself and want my husband to be my partner and teammate, not by benefactor or master.
  • A man getting married can take the woman's last name, wear the diamond engagement ring, the white wedding gown and tiara if that makes him happy. But, he should understand that people would have a hard time respecting him as a man.
  • Yes, You can change your name to anything you want.
  • I have seen that happened in many countries
  • who would want to?
  • Only if he wants to be called Mrs.

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