• I would beat his @$$!
  • Without a seconds thought.... not that I'd necessarily recommend this option for everyone but if a persons capable then I think they're obliged! I would base my action on the persons physique. If they were really big I'd punch them hard in the throat. If they were my size or smaller then a kick to the back of the knee & pin them to the floor.
  • I'd have no hope of stopping him physically, so I'd whip out my phone and call the police, and possibly run at them, screaming and yelling, attracting as much attention as possible. If I could get more people to notice and approach, the guy may back off. If he drove away, or tried to pull her into a car, I'd try and get the plates.
  • Yes ... I'd start running towards them yelling, "Hey you ugly wimpy moron (try to get him enraged so he will turn on me instead of her) ... surrender now and you may not die in prison!!!" ... while running, I would be getting out my cell phone and using the camera ... as I get close I say, "I have you on video committing your crime ... let her go & surrender and I will not have to hospitalize you!"
  • I dont care if I am a women or not...Id jump right in and Help Her. Id try to Beat him off of her.
  • Yes I would unless or until the woman tells me to butt out.
  • I realize that the correct answer is to call the police, but f*ck that, I'd get involved unless I had someone with me I was endangering. If it were one of my boys though, I'd go for it anyway. I almost got into trouble for this once because the man and woman in question were actually a couple who were just fighting in public and wanted no "help" from outsiders. It's a good idea to assess the situation before letting loose. Stuff like this doesn't really happen to me anymore though. +5
  • i will tel that man to leave her alone and if he doesnt listen then gotta do some pushing and kicking
  • I'd fake interest until I got within range, then, (If he were MY size, or smaller), I'd grab him to make him release the woman. Then I'd start to beat him like a set of drums at a HEAVY METAL concert. Otherwise, I'd give him a "CLUB-PUNCH"--and take off running with the woman!!!
  • let my fingers do the walking and call 9-1-1
  • I would run to here aid, probably get my ass kicked but could not standby and do nothing. I once crawled under a car overturned in a ditch to help pull a woman out of it. The car was hot and leaking gas but I was unable to leave until we got her out of there. I would have done it for a man also.
  • well, I don't think I'm going to hit the man (probably bastard may sue me and claim millions). So i will call 911 and start recording every single action in case it would be needed to prosecute the man.
  • I'd go at him like stink on sh*t, damn the consequences. +5 Munchkin
  • Is she my mother-in-law??
  • i'd b*tchslap that a**hole. and kick him in the balls.
  • Actually had that happen recently when I was with a friend. He called 911 and I approached them. I said "Let her go". She yelled to me " mind your own F*ckin business".
  • Yes I would either male or female. By the way if you are with someone and worried for their safety send them the other way with cell phone in hand or somewhere to get to a phone to call 911 and report. Something to ponder or keep tucked into your minds by the way... seems strange but more people will react to or come to look or render aid when someone is screaming about a fire rather than just calling for help etc... Also most, not all, who would do this type of thing will run upon discovery
  • I would call 911 and if I thought I could physically help I would. I haven't ever done any kind of hitting so I don't know if I could be of much help. No one could just watch someone get beat up, could they?
  • Well...there would have been a time when I would have taken hold of the bastard and kicked his ass without a second thought. Now, however, it seems our "leaders" in Washington are suggesting a different tact. Like, make nice. I guess I should settle down and talk to the "negotiate". No? I mean, I don't know for certain that the dude's carrying any weapons of mass destruction or anything. +5
  • i would help people like that need to be taught a lesson

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