• Sounds like you're hanging out with the wrong kind of guys. Not all guys are like that. I'd run as fast as I could from the type you're describing.
  • You are around the wrong guys. Wait until you find a good one. Don't let yourself think we're all like that (the majority might be though.) I hate being around those kind of people too, I have to listen to their crap all the time in school.
  • I'm living proof against that stereotype. Where many guys do fit that description, more counter that. Many just act that way to seem cool to their friends.
  • You say that like its a bad thing...besides, you know you love it...especially if you're the hottest chick!;-)
  • I think all people are egotistical in some ways - it's just part of human nature (such a huge and complex thing!) to want to be reassured and affirmed and all that jazz. But I don't particularly think that males, as individuals, are particularly egotistical, so I'm not sure I can give you a reply you'd find satisfactory.
  • I'm not like that. I do not like to "have My ego boosted" as you put it. I find it embarrasing. I do not have to bang the hottest chick, but it would be nice occasionally. :P
  • thats only the asshole guys who think there cool. im not like that im just happy being me :)
  • Do you spend all your time in nightclubs? Wake up and smell normality.
  • I haven't noticed that all guys are egotistical, or need their ego boosted all of the time. It certainly is not my experience that all guys "bang the hottest chick all of the time". Males have emotions, insecurities, attachments, and opinions, too. They have their virtues and their character flaws. If all the guys you know are like this, perhaps you might consider what you are doing to attract such guys.
  • G'day Anonymous, Thank you for your question. It sounds like you are hanging around the wrong type of guy. Perhaps you need to try meeting a different type of man in a different type of place. Regards
  • 6-4-2017 man can only do three things: pay bills, kill things, and bang chicks. All three of those are rejected by society, so that is why he needs some help from somebody to feel normal. And the people act like he's a loser if he goes looking for help. This is not a good way to run a world.
  • Not all men do. Some women do the same thing. Only they have even more requirements than good looks.

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