• Yes... I'm willing to listen to most anyone's point of view however it doesn't mean that it will change my position, but we have to be open to hear the other side.
  • Yes. As long as their argument is logical. I don't follow the sway of any single political party (being Independent has its advantages), so I am free to choose (on an individual basis) which policies I agree or disagree with, without fear of political alienation within my party. I think the issue that many people have is that, while they don't believe everything their party stands for, they agree with a majority. Thus, in order to "fit-in" politically, they sacrifice their own beliefs. Personally, if someone can give good reasons behind their viewpoints, I am likely to side with them, regardless. Good question, +2.
  • I might listen for a minute, but I seldom discuss politics. It just seems like a waste of time to me.
  • No, I call them a racist to shut them up. Oh, I'm sorry I was channeling the Obama administration for a moment.
  • I do not agree with the idea that we should have "political distinctions" This is supposed to be a united states, and the common goal is for all the people, and not just a few. This could be a greater nation, and we are all created equally. It's about time we started to treat eachother like we are all entitled to. We have laws to follow, and sometimes there are just punishments. And that's just as it remains ...sometimes.
  • When it comes to politics, its more likely that "someone" knows more than me, so I usually listen and then research what they say. I'm all for learning...sometimes... They do have to catch me in the right mood for politcal talks too.
  • I'll listen to rational, logical, factual view points, but have little time for rhetorical, circular, un-substantiated, emotional, soapbox diatribes.
  • Yes indeed, but only if they listen to me as well and we can have a nice discussion.
  • yes, as long as i am not hearing canned answers and responses that are illogical and absurd.
  • Yes. Provided they are willing to accept my viewpoints, and treat me with respect. I'm willing to do so with theirs. The moment they start getting into hyperbole, is when I start tuning them out. <cough cough> Payton.
  • *Only* if they're buying the drinks! ;-)
  • No, I dont like listening to people who are trying to convert me to anything. I do however listen to opposing points of view if they are well informed and not just talking points.
  • I'm willing to listen to an argument that is logical and educating, so long as they are willing to listen to my response to it.
  • I'll listen to someone else's viewpoint if they're not being pushy or obnoxious about it. I can't imagine a situation where someone would be trying to convert me without being pushy, so until I can, I'll say no for now.
  • Nobody ever tries to sway me to their views, but I would be open minded -- while still silently counting the formal fallacies as they occur.
  • Why sure I will. How else will I know where exactly their error lies. It always helps to reconnoiter any future battlefield when peacefully expedient.
  • Yeah, there's always the chance they may be privy to some information I'm not.

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