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  • I don't see a link.
  • I always feel bad for aniamals, wish I could help but I don't have the money too. :(
  • considering that I'm on the other side of the country I;m at a loss
  • all my dogs were saved-i hate it when dogs or any animals loyalty is treated with contempt-hoping for the best
  • I see that this got posted in the wrong category, for some reason, even though I typed "DOGS" in the proper space. Can someone do me a favor and FLAG this question of mine as "wrong category," then request that it get posted under the DOGS section? I'd be grateful!
  • I'm sure with all cross-posting of this, someone in the area will pick him up, so I'm pretty optimistic about this particular unfortunate pup, I feel worse for the millions who don't receive publicity. But please don't try to tug at people's heartstrings with such a misguided use of of the term "murdered." It's bad owners and breeders that are the problem, not shelters.
  • Awwwww thats horrible poor dog.To bad i dont live anywhere near there
  • he's not in the database of the shelter anymore. i wish i could do something, but i'm too far away & i have 3 large dogs, all of which were rescued.
  • i live 30 minutes from where ty is i will check it out for sure. :)
  • I hope he gets adopted and a far as the family are concerned there are other ways to deal with this. If they couldnt look after him they should done it properly. Poor thing wish I was nearer and could be of some help. My thoughts are with him +5
  • Hopefully some one will save the poor guy. I found out recently(last 2 days) Just how many dogs and cats are in these shelters, over crowded in and 1 in 100 may find a home before they are put to sleep. I was trying to find someone to take the pup I was given. After a thorough search of facilities I brought the pup back home with me. I could not put a dog in a shelter knowing it has a 99% chance of being destroyed. People are hurting for money to feed themselves, the poor dogs become an added burden many just can't afford now. SPAY AND NEUTER PEOPLE! Many places now offer this service very cheap if not free. Great Job Mensan, People need to be kept aware of this growing problem.
  • Thank you for bringing awareness to his situation. What a sad story. I am in BC and don't think I could afford the cost of adoption and transport. Also have 2 rescue dogs of my own. My fingers are crossed that someone will step forward and save this guy. Almost nothing makes me angrier than those who mistreat and abuse animals or decide they are not up for the responsibility and cost after getting a pet. With so many members, AB is a great place to possibly find him a family. Is he also on pet finders? Even if someone could foster him until a permanent family is found would be great.
  • They are the innocent. There are so many and they all tug at your heat strings. There are so many... I try, we all try... but many are lost
  • That's great that he's been adopted. I just recently adopted a dog 1.5 months ago. I thought that the process of adoption was so easy that I really don't see why more people don't get their animals from shelters. My dog was less than $100. He was neutered, and outfitted with a microchip before I got him. They also gave me a free bag of dogfood, I bought a collar but then the guy there gave me a free leash, and they also gave me a voucher for a free 1st checkup at a vet of my choosing (from a pre-determined list of vets that they have a good rapport with). All in all, I spent about $200 for a dog, vet visit with heartworm treatment, the neutering, the microchip, a bag of dog food, a medium crate (i live in an apt), 2 dog bowels, some dog biscuits,a collar and leash, and some flea treatment. Very inexpensive. //The first dog I looked at was at the pet store. I was like "so how much is this dog? a couple hundred bucks?". The salespeople looked at me like I was stupid...the cheapest dog they had was like $600, the one I asked about was $3500.
  • Yea!!!! I was "fixing to" send the article to about 80 people, with links to many others, and with my personal appeal appended. Glad I saw your announcement/comment first. I have adopted over a dozen dogs and Goddess knows how many cats over the past 7&1/2 decades.
  • I don't understand how someone could abandon their dog like that. I saw your comments that he was adopted. That is great news. Labs are such wonderful dogs.
  • +5 for you. Said you were a softy. saying it again, no secret Mensan. Got two rescue cats here. sisters that stayed together as strays for a year. had to have the two, couldnt bear to take just one.
  • Im glad he was adopted. That is sad to just leave the family pup behind.... and he ran after them but couldnt keep up. How can somebody do that?
  • i think the owner should have went to jail, (they would have if that was a child, so why not a animal to?)

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