• your questions are shocking.. i think it could cause its eletricity is chemical..
  • Not up to date on my eel-eology but I would guess it is possible to electrocute an eel. An eel may be able to endure electrocution better than almost any other animal, but I don't think it would necessarily be immune. With regards to electron movement I see no reason why an eel wouldn't be "zapped," for instance, it's not wearing a nonconductor on its skin. It's purely a guess, but I would say an electric eel would be electrocuted in the given situation. . Interesting question. +3
  • i think an electric eel cannot electrocute itself because that would require the current to be grounded. also, the electric eel all by itself does not form a ciruit, which is what is a requirement for electrical conductivity. i am kinda talking outta my ass, so plz let me know if this is wrong somehow.
  • The electric eel would be immune to it's own charge because it's body has organ that creates the electrolyte that generates the current and insulates the body form its own charge. They are still organic and die whenever a sufficient charge passes through their nervous system

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