• Well, love has something to do with sex - unless, it is just sex. If you are ill in the pants, he should understand.
  • I'd be more worried about your kidneys than your boyfriend. If he can't be patient when you are ill, then he doesn't deserve you anyway. Meantime, your kidneys have been dealing with this bacteria for a long time, and they may shut down. I hope you've been seeing a doctor and taking antibiotics.
  • If he can't wait until your infection is gone, then he really isn't all that much of a BF, and maybe you should find someone else to do "other stuff" with, instead of him. +5
  • It shouldn't take a month to clear up a urine infection. You need to see your doctor right away before any other damage (i.e. kidneys, etc.) is done. If your BF loves you, he will understand.
  • No way. There's loads of good stuff that drives men wild without having to 'go the whole way' Anyway it will give him something to look forward to. Is this the saying? 'Absence makes the ******* grow longer.' LOL!
  • Go see a doctor.If your BF gets tired of waiting he is a collosal @$$#@!e.
  • no. Love is not something based on sex, neither should a relationship be based on sex. He can wait as long as you need to, to get urself fixed.
  • i wouldnt have sex if you have a urine infection, you could end up giving it to him that way
  • i wouldnt have sex with a serious infection like that, you can give it to your boyfriend

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