• Right now as I sit here sipping some hot lemon thera-flu, I'd suggest cutting my head off. But that would be a bit impractical...LOL!
  • Heating on full. Curl up on the sofa with your quilt and sleep it off.
  • ummm..lots of liquids, especially friut juices, lot of rest, chicken noodle soup, and that does not work, a fifth of STRONG whiskey! +5
  • Hot lemon, tons of blankets over you and sweat it all out. Dont get up, stay in bed!!!
  • Zicam (It reduces the length and severity of a cold.) Doesn't work on a virus like the flu however. Feel better (if it is you)
  • Lots of hot lemon drinks, curl up on the sofa, or put yourself to bed and snooooooooozzzzzzeeeeeeee until you are feeling normal again LOL
  • a hot bath, 2 or 3 shots of some really strong spirit and then to bed to sleep it off
  • Breathe steam
  • Whisky, lemon and honey. Or I have no pain dear mother. But oh! I am so dry. Connect me with a brewery And leave me here to die. +5 Cotton.
  • First - Pile up extra covers on the bed (warmth). Next - Cut up a lemon into wedges (vitamin C) and set up 10 shots of Cuervo Gold (sleeping potion), but don't drink them yet. This is to be followed by a good soak in a hot bath, (this will elevate your body temperature and relax you). Then, just as soon as you dry off - down the Tequila and lemon and hop into bed, pull up the covers and let Jose do a number on them nasty flu bugs. You'll probably feel much better tomorrow. Get well soon, Sweetie !! ; )
  • Chicken soup if you can handle garlic add it to your soup it works wonders, cup of Hot Chamomile tea with honey, lemon and fresh ginger or ginseng if you got it and Ibuprofen. Sneaking a snort of whiskey would take the edge off of the day for sure! Hope you feel better soon!
  • Hot drinks..infact plenty of fluids.. Eucalyptus oil ( I swear by it) put some on a tissue and keep it near you or ideally on a may also bath in it (10 drops) or put some on a tissue and put on the radiator.. People often say use alcohol..however the body usually becomes dehydrated due to sweat avoid alcohol.. eat fresh fruit.. Increase Vitamin C.. keep warm (heat is lost through the head so many wear an hat).. Avoid washing your hair.. Use paracetamol if needed.. Oh also don't waste money on over the counter products make your own drink..boil lemonade and add 2 works the same as lemsips and beechams and there's less chemicals :D
  • NyQuil, tea and rest. I am in the same boat.
  • About a week. Stay inside, drink lots of liquids and stay warm. Contact capsules can help dry up all that runny nose stuff. Get well sweetie.
  • Boost your immune system and get lots of rest.
  • I would suggest to have freash chicken soup with clove of garlic,fresh ginger,and clove with supplement vitamin c and take bed rest and do not forget to drink lots of water.
  • An obscenely hot cinnamon tea, with some honey and lemon :D always makes me sweat the flu away :D
  • I usually take nyquil for the symptoms I recently heard that putting a few drops of peroxide in each ear for a few seconds and then draining it out is suppose to make colds/flus shorten their time. It's also something that when you feel one coming on doing the peroxide treatment is suppose to help as well with immunity protection or something. I did it the begining of the flu seasons last year and can only recall one major bout with it and I didn't get my strep throat and bronchitus either (which I had gotten every year since I was young)
  • Ugh.... I hope we aren't talking about you again!!! Didn't you just have the flu???? Or maybe you didn't... Maybe I'm just going nuts. Well, drink plenty of fluids. I like juice myself. Get plenty of rest. And eat lots of soup!!! *HUGS* And plenty of those too!!!
  • Hot chili, with jalapeno peppers and lots of spices.
  • Once the symptoms manifest longer than a few hours, you are screwed. You have the flu. The best way to deal is to prevent it from happening which now a days is way easier than before. Buy Oscillococcinum, an inexpensive remedy from the health food aisle or health food store. It really will stop the flu or cold in it's tracks. But it has to be taken at the first signs, the first day. There are no side effects to this medication so that is why I am telling about it on here. No one can get hurt from my spreading the word. No one. Not even a child. Oscillococcinum by Boiron. Miraculous and I have not gotten sick ever when I followed this advice. It's about $10 for enough to stay well.
  • Ignore them and go about business as usual but take prescribed medication and rest if necessary.
  • Plenty of rest, plenty of fluids, medication to keep a fever down and if your nose is all stuffy, a Netty Pot will work wonders. Hope you feel better! +5
  • Since all my coworkers have it, I am working on strengthening my immune system to keep the cold and flu at bay. These could be helpful as the winter is coming on, so I'll share what I've learned. Some of it may seem obvious, but it's important to remember and do as much as possible. 7-8 hours of sleep a night, minimally. Body needs rest to repair cells. Stress also lowers the immune system. It is important to destress. Listen to music quietly for a half hour a day, practice breathing exercises, whatever clears your head. Relatedly, and you guys will love this, sex is recommended as a high immunity booster. So, get freaky! If not sex, even a warm, loving touch helps the system. Take vitamins rich in C (up to 2,000 mg), D, and A. Carrots, Sweet potatoes, and spinach are a rich source of Vitamin A, or beta carotene. D is obviously a milk and cheese thing. Eat lots of fruits and veggies as well as fish. Exercise. A half hour a day, or most the days of the week, does wonders. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. This is also huge for weight loss. Drink green tea. Also, chicken soup as a remedy isn't just a cliche. It is a mega must-have for immunity and will also very much help for cold and flu symptom relief because of the nutrients, heat, etc. I'm sure there's more, but that's a pretty ambitious regimen right? Hopefully my AB friends will be taking good care this winter and staying warm and healthy!!!
  • Whiskey works for me.

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