• No one does anything about it. Have your party request a full refund from the owner because they were unable to enjoy their meal. Get up and eat somewhere else.
  • Because they Have no clue to manners.
  • what was the age of child
  • ugh...I dunno. I know this is gonna get the DR's started but why can't people realize there's people like me who don't want kids and don't want to be bothered by other people's kids. If I wanted to be bothered by a kid crying, screaming, jumping, around or whatver..well I would just have kids then. I know people think their little rugrat is the sweetest, cutest, bestest thing in the world but I haven't developed the skills to block them out or ignore them like a parent develops and I surely don't find any of it cute. I don't blame the kids, I blame the parents. I think it's very inconsiderate of people to let their kids do this, or assume it's ok to subject others to it in public.
  • I might be wrong, but I think some parents take the just ignore them approach a bit far. They just ignore their kids misbehaving so much that they no longer notice it.
  • My take on this that some parents are ok with it because it keeps the kids from bothering them; and others, just do find it "cute" ... "look Tommy is making sweet of him!". In ocation I have asked the parents to call a child off, and they always get upset with me, instead of actually seeing that is their fault.
  • I think some parents find it easier to ignore their kids' "bad" behavior rather than dealing with it. It's a shame because that is not doing their kids any service in the long run.
  • I wouldn't necessarily be annoyed if a child turned around and talked to me. I often talk to the people at the next table when I'm eating out. Parents should, however, be able to sense if the child is "bothering" the people at the other table and tell their child to turn around because the strangers do not want to talk.
  • Please spare a thought for the parents. When I was a child, my dad would have fixed the problem by giving me a smack or a big pull of the ears. Now, parents can't do this in public without risking being reported for child abuse.
  • They probably don't realize the other person is being annoyed.
  • Are you certain those people were being "bothered" and not enjoying the conversation? Some people like children and do think they're cute. I've engaged in conversations or "flirting" with children whom I didn't know and never minded it at all. I'm a parent and unless the children at spitting or being otherwise impolite I find no problem with it. Happy Thursday to you! :)
  • They're always adorable when they belong to someone else. Here kid do you wanna a chocolate covered espresso bean?
  • oops dupe
  • I think it's a little bit rude for the parents to tolerate this kind of behavior of their child. They should teach their child some manners. And rewarding some toys or organic baby sleep sack to their child when he is good, would help maintain the consistency of his manners. Cozy Bag
  • Did the table object?
  • I guess they figure it's a "public" place and other people's privacy is not THEIR problem! Personally. . . . .if the child is being TOO annoying, I'll flat-out ask the parent to DO something about it, complain to the manager, or ask to be MOVED! Kids today have HORRIBLE manners, by the preponderance, I think!
  • maybe they knew the people and they used two tables cause of not having enough room

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