• There sure is! In fact, there are plenty. The thing is, many people end up lonely in marriages. So, take your time finding a fish who you will be happy with, for a long time. A little bit of loneliness now is worth happiness for your life. Plus, try to enjoy your time alone - it can be really nice. Read, think, enjoy friends and family, learn, etc...
  • Don't be. For most of us life is long and rather bizarre at times. And somewhere along the way your most likely to find your significant other.
  • At 18, you have a temendous amount of life and living ahead of you. And yes, there are PLENTY of other fish in the sea, just waiting for you to sink your lovely "hooks" into them. Please don't worry about tomorrow, because it is already tomorrow, in Australia. +5
  • Yes there are. At least there were for me. I truly believe I found my special someone when I was meant to. 18 is still relatively young, so don't break a sweat about some vague possible future. If you want someone special in your life, you'll get there one day. Just don't forget to live your life while you're waiting. Take every opportunity you can to live life to its fullest, and go after every new, wonderful experience you can. When you're meant to meet that special someone, you will. Having someone to share a life with is great, but don't get hung up on not having someone with you right now.
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  • Plant a big lots of bullets...
  • LoL....Yes. There about 3 Billion other fish in the sea. So....................... Dont think that who your with now is all there is out there for you. Usually when your not looking is when you will find. And what you find is better than what you could ever look for. Dont worry...if you have the love in your heart that you know you need to give away. Then there is somebody out there with the same amount of love that wants to give IT away. And both will love each other. Its the way things are. Just be careful of being judgemental... The love of your life might be overlooked only becuase they dont look the way you want them to (at first)
  • That's not an uncommon fear. The very best thing you can do is concentrate on making yourself into the very best "you" you can be. That way you will be an interesting person that someone will want to know better. Good luck, and God bless!
  • close your eyes. feel all that anxiety about not having a relationship. now, multiply that anxiety by 6 billion. that's the number of people in the world, almost all of whom are seeking a partner, running from a partner, or with a partner (and a few monks and nuns). people are attracted to people who have a purpose, who are doing things that they enjoy doing. become a whole being and souls will flock to you.
  • I guarantee you there're plenty of other "fish" in the sea for you. You're 18 and I'm certain that you'll find many others who'll be as attracted to you as you are to them. Usually when you're not even looking for that intimate partner, there she is! It happens so often that way. And you can always use the Net to find your soulmate(s) It's the best tool around for not being lonely. Good Luck!
  • This is an excellent way for your inner self to tell you about communications that are on an energetic level. We draw to us what we most fear. You fear lonliness so your soul is bringing that lesson to you loud and clear. Until you no longer fear being alone (which is a great, great gift of power that fearlessness of being totally alone) anyway until it no longer scares you at all, you will keep drawing situations of abandonment to you.
  • That's a fair fear, one shared by most humans. And every soul in hell is, literally, alone forever. By laying down your war against God, you can receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord, and enjoy fellowship with God your Creator forever. You also receive the Holy Spirit, along with forgiveness for all of your sins. Never mind looking for other human beings. God is eternal. Receive Him.
  • For sure, I myself am a totally different person for the most part from when i was 18. I dont see many of the people i did back them (22 now) cause peoples lives take them in different directions. you will be ok but u must always rely on yourself to hold your own.
  • you'll be fine.
  • Well there are about 3 billion women in the world so even if 2/3 are taken at the time there are 1 billion left over. So I think you have a shot. A lot of people feel like you, so there are always people looking. Go to any popular bar on a friday night and you find dozens of them.
  • Of course there are :) Just be patient and your time will come. +5

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