• I'm very sorry you had to go through that experience. Yes, it often seems like punishments are not proportionate to crimes.
  • Now, wait a minute. I noticed in someone else's question that you told a user your rapist was killed in an attempt at raping another woman. You told them back in 2008. Now you're saying your rapist was set free on parole? Were you really raped, or are you just doing this for attention? Which one is it, because this isn't funny at all.
  • I dont know about todays justice system. Some things are pretty darn flawed. 12 yrs ago, my cousin-in-laws (ex) husband killed their newborn 6 week old daughter b/c he couldnt stand her crying. He spent less than 5 yrs in prison for that. Its crazy.
    • Supersoftball
      Killed her how and did he go to trial?
  • Yes and no. Drug laws are clearly overly prosecuted. But not many people end up in prison on drug charges just because a vindictive acquaintance or former bf/gf claims to have witnessed usage. Unfortunately in many cases (not yours) this happens with rape charges. Most everyone agrees that an admitted sexual criminal should be locked away for a long time. But in cases where a claim is made against an upstanding citizen with no criminal record with no physical evidence, testimony that "he kind of looks like the guy" should not be putting away men for all of their lives. Among the well publicized cases of false charges were a student at Hofstra who falsely claimed several men gang raped her, and charges by a stripper against the Duke University lacrosse team.
    • Supersoftball
      She wants you to believe that she knows of someone who has been waiting to go to trial for 14 years, which would be the only reason this person would be denied bail. If his conviction was overturned and he was charged again, then he could request bail, but this is a BS little tale she is trying to spin.
  • I don't believe you about any of this.
  • he needed to be in prison longer

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