• Ummm NO, not in my opinion. If both of them are satisfied and happy, then that's what is THEIR LIFE and not yours, mine or the state's to live.
  • If neither of them want it to be, no. That's silly. Just means they'll have to get married again as a same sex couple. However, if the member of the relationship who didn't get the change wants out of the marriage, it should be able to be done easily without the same rules as a regular divorce.
  • not niccarly
  • Nope. However, I don't think it's fair to the other person. I mean, if I married a guy, I wouldn't be too happy to find out he was waiting till we got married and then had a "sex change" soon after. That's just not cool in my books. It's just not something I would have signed up it would totally be unfair to me.
  • No. But then I support full equality for gay marriage, so a straight marriage has just changed into an equally valid gay marriage, or vice versa. No problem.
  • If you fell "in love" with the sex organs, then I guess you'd want out. It's no one's business but the two people involved. If the intellect/character/views/ integrity of the person remains intact, well, isn't that what we love in each other....or should?
  • No, because the person who gets the sex change be it a man or a woman still remains the gender they were born with. Remember its only cosmetic surgery after all, and say its the male who changes his appearance to look like a woman he could never conceive a baby. The couple are still man and woman, or husband and wife so nobody can force them to have their marriage dissolved. If it were possible for a man to have a baby I am sure Gay couples would choose to have one of their own instead of having to adopt.
  • No, as long as the couple is still happy, they should be able to do as they please.
  • No. Why should it be? There's no harm in such a marriage as long as they are accepting of the change. I once saw a documentary about a woman who chose to stay with her husband after he transitioned. She reasoned that he was still the same person, even if his body changed.
  • I certainly think that the courts should make it very easy to divorce/annul/dissolve such a marriage but I see no reason for a marriage to end if both parties wish to remain married.
  • Well, since it was Miss and Mr then it would be Mr.& Mr. the license would then be void/invalid legally. If they were going to another state (Utah..he hee hee) the state could say "Sorry, that's showing male/female not male/male" But I'd tend to think that the person on the other side of the marriage would have long known their spouses"Wish, hope or dream" to as the other and thus, removing the heartbreak or akwardness of the whole ceremony.
  • No I don't think so. I would totally get a divorce if my wife got a sex change operation.
  • In the UK, it would be a legal requirement to get a divorce once one of them had a legal change of gender. But if they wished, they could then re-partner as a same-sex couple.
  • No. It should be their choice.

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