• "The Resistance" is the name of the album. Further information: The song is called "Uprising". "“Matt Bellamy's voice is deeper than usual. In terms of lyrics, this is the usual Muse: conspiracies, apocalypse, he announces a gathering, speaks of victory and that "they will not control us." The sound, still very dense and heavy is accompanied by passages of synths. The overall structure is rather straightforward. [Translated from French]”" "The music video, directed by Hydra, first aired on MTV2 on 17th September 2009. The band performs through a miniature city in a small truck, with a lit fuse following behind. At times, they are also seen performing inside a trailer which seems to be exploding. Through the window of a TV shop the band at one point looks at TV's with teddy bears on the screens; Matt smashes the window and TV's with his guitar. At the end of the video a group of teddy bears rise up from the ground and start destroying the miniature city, only to fall down at the end of the video." Source and further information: You can see the music video on their homepage: The pages that you indicate contains the lyrics. "Lyrics: [excerpt] The paranoia is in bloom, the PR The transmissions will resume They'll try to push drugs Keep us all dumbed down and hope that We will never see the truth around" Source and further information:

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