• We normally shed 3-5 lashes a day. Any mechanical action, such as putting on mascara and taking off mascara puts an extra burden on ones lashes, as does sleeping on them at night. You can help prevent it by not applying mascara and makeup in the first place, but if this is not an option, you may opt for eyelash extensions which gives the look of makeup/mascara without the mess or fuss. You can also help by eating a great diet and exercising. The healthier YOU are, the healthier your lashes (and skin, and nails and body) will be. Another great help would be for you not to be too forceful when removing your makeup. Be gentle. They're only itty bitty little things. Mascara is one of the most harmful things you can do to your lashes, especially the waterproof variety. Not only is it hard when it dries on your lashes, and clumpy, it is also hard to remove. Excessive pressure is usually used with oily product to get it all off at night. Good luck.

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