• No. I might of a few years ago but her and I have both grown up a lot and are even managing to get along while living together. I've found that it is even quite fun having my sis as a roomie.
  • Yes, my youngest sister.
  • yes my oldest brother....... the 'golden child' as I always call him. damm........ what is it with firstborns??
  • yea my oldest sister
  • I have an older sister that I am totally estranged from. We haven't talked or visited in 10 years even though I live a few hours away from her. She's a completely self-absorbed, selfish bitch and I have no interest in persuing any kind of relationship with her.
  • I never liked Jan too much....always was complaining. Marcia wasn't bad to look at:)
  • ----------my oldest sister she dont like me at allbefore my mom die told her that they must of gave her the wrong baby when she pick her up it was in 1952 she was born and she is not like me or my younger sister or my mom or dad well it did get my mom thinging about it kinda funny
  • There was only one older female. She convinced the parents to disown me and to leave every last thing to her. She then distroyed every personal photograph, letter and memento that belonged to me. "Do you have your "least" favorite sibling", I have NO sibling.
  • I have one sibling, my "baby" sister and I adore her! :)
  • i dont have siblings
  • Nope, just 1 little sister, and I don't know what I would do without her, she is the reason i chose to have 2 kids instead of one, because I wanted my kids to have eachother when I'm not around anymore.
  • I have two older siblings that I love very much and very equally. They also both irritate me equally, which I am sure I also do for them!
  • I use to have my least favorite... actually there were things that I did not like about each of them. I am one of 4. My brother is annoying, one of my sisters is selfish and my other sister is just well spoiled. But as our lives begin to grow apart as we start our own lives i have noticed that we talk and get along more with each day. And my sister just had a baby so we all focus on the baby and its needs...
  • I have one younger sibling and she is a complete disaster! As a teen, she became pregnant and kept her. While her daughter was in primary school, my sister drank more and more and now she is a full-blown alcoholic. She chain-smokes and become extremely argumentative when nobody buys her booze/cigarettes. It got so bad that child-services came and removed her daughter who is now is in foster-care, she's now 17 years old. My sister refuses to tell her who her father is, saying "I don't know his name because I was drunk and it was a one-night-stand." Even her biological father has no clue that he has a daughter! Yeah, it's pretty pathetic! Here's some video's of her made by the people who live with her... That's just a few! I've attempted to get her to see that she needs professional help! I keep her far away from my children/family, I don't think it would benefit them to be subjected to this!
  • The word "favorite" seems to be entirely inappropriate in any comments I may make. Anyway ..... the winner is ..... my only surviving sibling, ten years younger than I, with whom I have had absolute zero communications for the last seven/eight years. On more than one occasion she has proven herself a liar and a cheat - having forged my signature on a check for hundreds of thousands of $$$ from our mother's estate - and prompting her to make statements affirming my sisters authority when she was mentally incapable of making any decisions and aware of little that was going on around her. As if that were not enough, she deceived my only surviving brother - who passed on just a month ago - into signing away his portion of mineral rights on land in two different counties. She shares the guilt, as well, with her two darling nieces who aided and abetted her shenanigans. When anyone asks if I have siblings, I say, "No, I am the last of the tribe."
  • No, they're both as bad as each other +5
  • yep. I don't like the crack whore
  • My sister and I get along really well, my 13 yearold brother is a bit of a pain, so i like him less than her right now, but i'm sure once he gets older he'll be fine...........
  • No its just me and my brother...we can't hate eachother beacause we only have eachother to take care of
  • They both annoy me as much as the other. +5
  • I have one brother, me and him get along. +5
  • You should NEVER have a least favorite sibling. I have 7 siblings and I love them all the same. Same with any of you children.
  • No, i love them all equally.
  • I know it sound back but yes I do. But only because I don't know them very well and I grow up with the over 3.

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