• Cherries are my favorite, unable to think of a least favorite however.
    • Linda Joy
      Cherries are my favorite part, too! But I read one time that sometimes they dye grapes red to make them look like cherries. My least favorite part is the pears. I just don't like the texture.
    • Boola Boo
      I understand the pear thing. Now that you mention it, that is a great choice to leave out.
  • The juice and opening the frigging can.
    • Linda Joy
      Ask your wife to open it for you.
    • Lilo Avli
      What if she wants something in return ? Like an orgasm or a new dress ?
    • Linda Joy
      Give it up! You just might like it! Or ask your neighbor to open it or your kid. How old are they now?
  • Too much fruit!
  • Opening the can and emptying the can.
    • Linda Joy
      Now that you mention it, I think emptying the can is worse than the pears.
    • Archie Bunker
      drinking that sweet syrup, knowing it's all about to end.
  • Favorite: watermelon...Least favorite: strawberries because the strawberries sold around here are kinda tart.
    • Linda Joy
      Your fruit cocktail comes with watermelon and strawberries? I always have to sweeten my strawberries. But its not a problem since I just put them with banana and a protein powder and make a smoothie. You can also cut them into small cubes or slices and let them sit in a sweetener for a while. You can make a mock ice cream by blending strawberries and banana with some yogurt or milk sweeten to taste then freeze it. You can use almond, rice, or oat milk if you don't do dairy, of course.
    • Linda Joy
      I like watermelon but usually don't get them because of the fridge space they take up if you don't have a cooler in which to ice them. I don't like them warm. And I'd probably have to chunk and freeze half of it to keep it from going bad, unless I get one for a cookout or something where I can share. We have another one planned for the 4th. I should get a watermelon! Thanks! I can just borrow a cooler or buy one.
    • Azlotto
      "Your fruit cocktail comes with watermelon and strawberries?"...I don't understand...I make my own fruit cocktails...Thanks for the other tips. : )

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