• It's true, but simply because women are more attractive than men.
  • I know I did.. I know what you mean though. Sometimes you think what is she doing with him??
  • I notice it sometimes, but in our case, my hubs is more attractive than I am.
  • attractiveness is in the eyes of the beholder.
  • No women generally are forced to marry down because of the lack of quality in the available stock.
  • Man are often attracted to woman by the way she talks to him but more often by the way she listen. but than again I have read that "The man who is as sound as a dollar,often falls for the girl who looks like a million" +6
  • You are welcome although I think I am probably just stating the truth.
  • Attractiveness in a partner is far more important to men. Women don't care as much about looks as they do about his personality, loyalty, sence of humour, good provider, good father etc.
  • if you are going to spend the rest of your life with her there has to be more to her than just looks
  • men marry as beautiful as they can afford
  • This is Hugh Jackman's wife. Do you still think that?
  • It's true about rich men. But the advice I have read suggests the marriage has a better chance of success if you both come from the same socio-economic group. And have similar good looks or otherwise.
  • sounds as though your wife has taught you well!!! if every man marries up, then the best looking men and the worst looking women wouldn't marry. all women are better looking than men, aren't they? what's your wife say? there's that old theory that explains that all things balance out, exchange theory, so that less attractive but better provider - husbands are sought after by more attractive women. you guys might be on to something ...
  • I think most try but not all succeed. Some really pretty guys want to be the most attractive one in the relationship. Some guys are afraid if they marry a really pretty girl that eventually she will trade up. And for some, personality is all that matters. In the end it doesn't matter because guys age better for the most part. Gray hair makes them look distingish, as for women it usually just makes us look drab.
  • Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think women are judged by how they look, men more by their characters - by the way I am a woman...
  • I think that most women are more beautiful than most men. This is why there are very many paintings of women and very few of men.
  • Ha ha!!!! Don't make me laugh, I have two co-workers that married some real dogs!!!!!
  • I like the fact that your wife agrees on this......I don't agree, as in general as far as I have seen people seem to marry people on a rough par with themselves, so good-looking people usually marry good-looking people, average people marry average-looking people and so on.
  • I haven't really thought about it. But i guess there could be some truth in that.
  • My wife says I married up but I say she did!
  • Mine did:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  • I deff agree...more often than not that's the way it happens
  • Well woman are going to disagree but, their looks make up for what we have to put up with!! haha
  • I disagree.. I think that most women "marry down."
  • Well in most cases... Thing is all women are beautiful. be beautiful...They gotta take care of themselves ya know? Dudes dont want a chick who stuffs her face full of fried food and cheetos...and drinks a bunch of pop, doesnt excersize...and doesnt bath or comb her hair. So if a woman eats right, clean, and neat...Then shes BEAUTIFUL. ...and a womans "attractiveness" shows more than a man, cuz a woman is elegant. A man is just lol...MANLY. (and usually women dont care if there man is the cream of the long as he is a wonderful lover, a powerful friend...and they love each other)
  • I think that's something wives tell each other to boost their esteem.
  • I don't agree that all men marry women that are more attractive then them, because I know a few good looking men that are married to some really ugly woman.

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