• You should go round with your tuba and blow it right in his ear. .. Really though, maybe just play it during times where people aren't trying to sleep or anything..
  • being a musician l beleive you should have faced the music whichever way that is if you love your tuba you need to feel the music inside you bring you closer together and then you could have done the same to your neighbour
  • YOur killing me....You should have invited him over for tea...
  • I think you should have given him a quick rendition of "Silent Night" and then kept quiet for the evening ;0) Shoving a tuba up your rear can seriously damage your health but would make your farts more tuneful.....
  • Learn the song "How do you solve a problem like maria." From the sound of Music... and play it over and over and over again... Until he hangs himself from a tree. I'll come over and sing if you like?
  • Sounds remarkably similar to the Swahili phrase for "Come and play that tuba on my front lawn as loud as you can", does your neighbour speak Swahili? It's very easy to see how you mistook his meaning!
  • I can understand if its late at a way. But to be as rude as they were about it sounds like an invitation for you to continue playing at all hours of the night or possibly to shove it right up his "REAR".
  • Ask him if you can shove it up his first, just so you can get your angles right
  • Hehehe, I'd have taken it as a metaphorical suggestion.
  • I would have ignored his request and played the theme song from "Jaws" all night. Another suggestion...just in case one day it does get shoved up your about learning the piccolo just in case.
  • Miss Manners says never be rude to your neighbors. She would suggest inviting him over for tea and calmly explaining your situation. Tell him that your therapist, in conjunction with your parole officer, has suggested that you take up tuba playing to keep your mind off your uncontrollable desire to murder your neighbors in their sleep.
  • I say your should drop the Tuba and pick up the triangle. That way, if you do comply to his request, at least you won't ever get constipated again.
  • Ok; You don't say what time it was ... Have YOU ever tried to watch a tv program or movie with someone nearby blasting away on a tuba etc ... ? Maybe if you have a basement ; try practicing down there ... No need to be rude ... if you are playing before 10PM ; you probably have a Legal Right to anyway ... +5
  • how crass!
  • Only you like your tuba!, How would you like the school band to play in front of your house every fricken day?
  • I would keep playing and also play tuba over him talking. :D

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