• I work in the tech support team in a call center in India and I got a British caller, the lady kept asking me silly questions like should I right click or left click and should I single click or double click, she didn't even know where her enter button was on the keyboard
  • Once, a lady in the office called me over to tell me that the printer wouldn't work. I went over and the message on the screen said "Printer Out of Paper. Press OK to continue". She complained that although she kept hitting OK, it still wouldn't print.
  • "Where do the batteries go?"
  • *Shaking fist at the screen.* Don't make me get in there.
  • "How do you turn it on?"
  • The computer wouldn't turn on after stepping on the pedal many times. She was stepping on the mouse. She thought it was like using a sewing machine.
  • I got a Dusey!! When I was 17/in the military and trying to get my car insured. The lady at the insurance office told me; I need to go to the MP office and get some information she needed to finish the paperwork. This is exactly what she said "They need to get the info. from their little "Pinball Machine" She kept repeating "PinBall Machine" *That's what she called a computer.
  • I was refining my resume and my computer illiterate (now ex) husband told me to put the computer on "pause" so I could come help him.
  • OK...Im telling on myself. When I first started in April of this year I thought lol meant "lots of love" so I was putting that on alot of my answers to people. Even the serious no nonsence type. No wonder some of them (I wont name names) disliked me but put up with me for some reason. I sure felt like a real fool when I found out what it really meant. Nothing like someone saying (as an example).."My Dog just Died" and I write "I'm so sorry LOL." Wow what a dummy I am. I should win the award dont you think? LOL (laugh out Loud!)
  • Her "R" key was missing and she asked if she needs to call a locksmith to come and fix the key...... +++
  • Screen says press any key to continue... "Where is the 'any' key?"

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