• I can type the word God. That must prove there is one.
  • I saw stars once so it must have been the devil taking the world over.. YIPPIE! Satan's only killed 10 people, but good ol god on the other hand...UNLIMITED!
  • Too busy consuming nourishment to think about denying my nature. *Munch munch munch, hmmm, penis.*
  • I saw an image of Dawkins in my toasted cheese sandwich once. Does that count?
  • Atheists are not delusional, they are rational people. To be delusional you have to do mental backflips to justify what you believe in without a shred of empirical evidence.
  • We can see all sorts of things in food. A bird, a rabbit, a clown face... we know it's nothing but coincidence so we don't need to make a fuss about it.
  • Maybe we're just more hungry than Catholics.... so instead of peering at our food we just eat it :)
  • Mabye because we aren't looking for any proof or evidence in the same areas christians are. Athiest's are based in science. Also, I freakin love Mitchell and Webb Look
  • I thought that I was an agnostic until I saw an image of Bill Maher on a grilled cheese samwich that I saw at Perhaps that makes me religulous. ;)
  • Because we've got our head in the clouds? Well when I forget to take my meds I see all sorts of things.
  • We do. We see faces in food etc all the time as our brains are programmed to recognise faces. The difference is that we accept it's random ad not GOD !
  • first, very funny video! looking at our world today, i think no one has the corner on having a loose grip on reality. more is better, it makes us more susceptible to irrational belief systems, politically or otherwise. . if some people spent more time *reading* *books* and less time *overeating* they wouldn't be finding so many words written in foods.
  • The image of Christ in my grilled cheese sandwich says "Yes, defintely." :)
  • More delusion is never helpful. I think there's enough delusion there already. :-)

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