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  • I never did but thats a very good thing to ask... you can go get the blood test together and check the results together... How about that?
  • I've never asked a man that.
  • I have annual testing done of myself every year. So I always have the test results available to show them. This is my invitation to ask them about the last time they were tested. I have had a few guys whip out there current tests and I have had a few guys say they would go get tested for my peace of mind. I only had one that I didn't push the issue with but he had been married for 13 years and not seen anyone since the divorce. For some reason, I just felt that I could trust him.
  • I have to numerous boyfriends as well did I just to encourage them to follow suit. My husband did it when we started dating then again like a 6mos later b/c they say some STD's take awhile to show up. And I knew he was quite the ladies man before he met me his nightstand was full of empty wrappers. Which in a way I was relieved to see but I know most boys do not use condoms from the start of the action they usually end up putting them on somewhere in the middle. Oh and yes definately see the report.

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