• It's not the lack of health care that killed them. It's their medical condition that required them to seek medical care that killed them.
  • No, i didn't even realize or ever think about that. Wow, that's awful... What do you think about the health care reform? What do you believe are the pros and cons?
  • Sure, but try convincing a Republican that.
  • Exhorbitant health care costs are also what forces many Americans into bankruptcy.
  • Bullshit. Americans die of heart disease, cancer, and other such problems. My dad died IN A HOSPITAL. Lack of healthcare did NOT kill him. Heart disease did.
  • Yes quite aware of that.
  • I am not surprised at all. I see patients slip through the cracks all the time at work. A friend of mine had an accident 2 weeks ago. She spent 4 days in the hospital and they sent her home even though she was not even close to being ready because they were afraid they wouldn't get paid. I have known quite a few people who got got really sick or died because they didn't get basic medical care due to lack of insurance. I have had patients that were sent home from the hospital after only 1 day when they should have been there for a week or longer. They had no health insurance (that is assuming they get admitted at all). It's pathetic that we live in a great country and people are dying of lack of healthcare. (yet some people say there is no problem).
  • smoking trumps all of that x2
  • it's really something incredible, isn't it? and, if we do it right, we can save money, start new programs, and still give better quality of care and help people to live longer. since most homicides are committed while the perpetrator or victim is intoxicated or high, i tend to think of homicide as a health concern in many instances. hope you have a good weekend! bob
  • We don't need health care. We have prayer on our side.
  • No ,I did not.That doesn't sound very good for a leading first world country.
  • Thanks for pointing that out. Makes you wonder what's up with those who only want to preserve the status quo.
  • The article you posted said, "Lack of health insurance kills 45,000 American adults a year, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health. One out of three Americans under age 65 had no private or public health insurance for some or all of 2007-2008." Lets add it up Homicides in 2007-18,573 Drunk Driving caused deaths in 2007-12,998 Deaths caused by HIV in 2007-14,561 There were no American civilians killed by Terrorism in 2007 Total 44,569 A difference of 431 I'm not a proponent of public health insurance by the way. I don't believe it is a right , and I don't believe the government has the constitutional power to provide us with health care. There are other solutions. There are also many reasons people do not have health insurance. They are young and healthy and don't need it. They made bad life choices and can't afford to buy it. They did not seek proper job skills to be employed at a business that supplies it. Many many other reasons, but most of them are bad life choices, and because those people can not plan for the future it is not the responsibility of those who did plan to pay for the slackers health care. That is what government health care is, taking money from the successful and giving it to the lazy. After a few generation you have no more successful people to drain because the populous has became lazy. Why shouldn't they when they have all been taught, "don't worry the government will give it to you." Stats came from the FBI, National Center for statistics and Annalise's, the CDC

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