• im still new to facebook but went there cause I was tired of how commercial myspace had become +3
  • I deactivated about 3 weeks ago...too many apps. it was in a word...LABORIOUS!
  • I didn't deactive my account, but I no longer log in there. Maybe once in a week or less often. . It's totally pointless and irritating most of the time.
  • I have a facebook account, but i was using it to monitor my daughters activities when they were younger. Now they r 21 and 23 so I really dont worry as much...LOL
  • I never had a facebook account because most of my friends use bebo but i barely go onto my bebo anymore either. I also don't mind if people add me on AB or anything else.
  • I did the same for the same reasons, plus just too damned many invitations to play games that all led to granting access to the email addresses of others. I value the privacy of my email correspondents as well as my own. I cancelled my FB account within three weeks, never to return.
  • Icy I think you just have better judgment than most. If your radar tells you something feels wrong it usually is. I don't really like that site.
  • I deactivated mine as well...just too off the wall for one as conservative as me!!! lol Happy Saturday to you IcySilver ! +5
  • I deactivated my facebook and myspace accounts because I don't like the feeling of being able to be tracked down so easily. It's all so ego-driven anyway, "Hey, I'm going with my hubby to the park today, blah blah blah", like we care? Plus, I don't need people from my 3rd grade class getting a hold of me. I just figure if someone is really that important to me, then we'd stay friends somehow without the use of facebook or myspace. I'll say this though, those websites are excellent for networking or marketing your music. That part I miss.
  • I don't even have an account. Never use that kind of media for communication or anything else for that matter.
  • I don't like facebook, and do not have a membership. I tend to shy away from the social networks which encourage a lot of exposure of personal information. Facts I've revealed on AB are about as much as I care for anyone to know about me. I don't have a lot of time for online sites and I have become very fond of the Answerbag Community. At present, it is my one and only :-))
  • I removed myself about a year ago. It never did much for me. Some family members still on. Had some security issues with facebook but they are not much different than here.
  • Sorry to see you leave it :( I could have set it up for you where nobody could have friend requested you without knowing you personally. Well, I still enjoy mine and still enjoy playing the games but at least I have you on AB and I am good with that :) Good to see you on today :)
  • Call me close minded, but I refuse to even try it. There's a reason my old school mates haven't heard from me in years. ...but it woulda been nice to see the face behind the ice
  • I haven't checked my facebook account in over a year.
  • S e r i o usly I need one" private one" and friends of friends can see my status,no,no my statuses and my links plus my winks. :) Have a great sunday.
  • I tried it. It became a pain so I deactiveated.
  • I hate Facebook, and I wish I had more time to devote to answering this because my animosity of it is really quite deserving of a longer post. But I digress. I have seen Facebook to promote behaviour that is in most cases childish, and also to serve as a medium for unnecessary melodrama. There are some things that simply don't need to be talked about in public forums, or even semi public forums. I shudder to think what people in positions of trust are saying about those who are trusting them to the 'few people' on their friend lists (or whatever) by writing something on a wall or whatever other semi public medium.
  • I enjoy facebook. I only have a few friends, so all the updates are from people I actually want to hear from, plus I ADORE the games. I'm totally addicted!
  • A bunch of my friends and family kept bugging me about setting up a Facebook account. I set it up, but haven't gone back in it since. But I keep getting friend request emails from people that I haven't seen in years. One of these days, I'll go in it. AB is more fun for me right now though.
  • i never have any facebook account.. so i could say that i deactivate my facebook before i start it.. one of the reason is my office sometimes blocked that site..
  • My daughter really enjoys her facebook, but I found it boring and exhibitionistic for me. So it's for those who like to be out there. That's okay. +5
  • Me and my family started like our own facebook and we were on each others and then it seemed like others started getting added and I let one friend on mine and they corrupted my whole page and they were sending me so much stuff that I had to block them off my page I go to it once in a while to check it and every time I do more junk gets added onto it I am about to take mine off too and I agree AB is not as bad and it can be controlled and dont have to have it taken over
  • Similar experience--some guy requested friendship, I ignored it. He kept sending me messages after I told him I wasn't interested so I blocked him. I turned off the link to send messages so now he sends me more 'friend' requests with unpleasant messages attached. I wish there were a way to stop that without closing my account. What a waste of time!
  • I like Facebook actually. Most of my friends are people I knew/know IRL. MySpace is what bothers me - I deleted that account awhile ago because of drama.
  • I opened one because I was told it would support real estate business but only people from high school that I don't know want to play collection games. Sorry I didn't get to drop by your facebook.

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