• not all my problems and unhappiness, but some yes
  • No, I think problems and unhappinss comes from unreasonable self-expectations and not having a plan for your life.
  • When I was a youngter I always tried to please my dad was pleased with whatever I did but my mom was...well, less so. I gave up trying to please her when I was 50 years old, as a birthday present to myself. So no...any problems/unhappiness with which I am faced have nothing at all to do with the expectatations of others! :)
  • My problems/unhappiness comes from forgetting I have a choice in determining how I feel.
  • A lot of it, yes. Life seems to be a constant battle between being the person you want to be, and the person everyone else wants you to be.
  • People are programmed to hate themselves for there "sins" since birth, from programs such as Christianity and other monotheistic religions. These programs are used as tools to keep the populace deprived of real spiritual knowledge, and the power in the hands of those at the top. Learn the TRUTH:
  • Some problems yes, but they have offered me a chance to resolve them in personal and perhaps creative ways which led to happiness rather than unhappiness. Important for me was taking responsibility for my life and getting to the roots of Christianity and realizing that many interpretations of it are entirely of human origin rather than coming from God.
  • Not all unhappiness but a lot of it I suppose.

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