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  • It's hard to explain to someone how to give oral. The best way for you to learn, is to watch porn. Watch how the pros do it. But they sometimes OVERact. So do what they do, but don't go so rough. Make sure you don't use any teeth, and that you have enough saliva (if you don't, keep some water right next to you). Start out slow, finish fast. If he doesn't cum in 12 minutes, give up. You'll just hurt your neck.
  • Start slowly. Kiss and lick around his chest and work down toward his dick. Again, go slowly, periodically moving your head back up to kiss him on the lips, then working down again. Lick up the inside of his legs and get to his balls. Be sure to spend time licking his balls, if they are hanging low enough, even try to - VERY GENTLY - take one of them into your mouth and gently suck it. (Guys generally - not all - go crazy over having their balls licked. When my gf licks mine, I am absolutely paralyzed. All I can do is lay there with my legs spread and moan with a hard on. In that moment, she absolutely controls me.) Then move to his dick first by licking and kissing and then finally put your mouth over it. Gently lick and move your mouth up and down over his dick gradually going faster until he cums. How you handle that moment when he cums is between the two of you. He will probably tell you - if he can, he may not be able to so be sure to watch his facial expressions - that he is going to cum so that you can take your mouth off his penis, then he can cum all over himself or over your face or your body. (It depends on what position you are in as to what might work best. If he is on his back, odds are he will be cumming all over himself. If you are on your knees in front of him, he will cum all over you. Every other position you might be in will suggest what works best.) Of course, the bonus is if you swallow his cum. Guys love that and it is incredibly meaningful to them. (To me, I feel as if my gf has accepted me in a deeply intimate sense.) One other thing my gf will do is take my cum into her mouth and then move to kiss me and she shares my cum with me. It may sound ridiculous, but when my gf does that, I feel like we have shared our love in an almost physical way. It is incredibly sexy and deeply romantic all at once. Of course, whether you can do that is up to you. Since this is new to you, you may want to take it slow. (Want to spoil the mood? Spit up your guy's cum. So don't go beyond what you think you can handle.) Anyhow, having said all of this. Anyone can write this, but sex with your bf will be about exploring and sharing each other's naked bodies. I've offered advice based on my experience as a man, but there is no substitute for doing. Don't worry about following the rules to the letter - except for the rule about "no teeth" - and you'll learn by doing. Remember, this is about satisfying your instinctual urges and, ideally, sharing your love for one another. Although there are ways to do it wrong, there are no specific ways to do it right.

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