• With an "R" rating, unless you are (theoretically) over 17, you need to be accompanied by an adult; "NC17" means "No Children under 17".
  • We have G which is General population (anyone), PG which is parental guidance suggested (anyone), Then PG13, Parental guidence 13 and over (unless with parent), Then R which is restricted 17 and up then there's NC17 Which is no one under 17 period. What does the U mean?
  • US has: G (general audience) PG (parental guidance suggested) PG 13 (some stuff unsuitable for under 13) R (under 17 with an adult) NC 17 (old "X" rating, must be over 17)
  • NC17 is basically the same as the UK '18' rating (no one under 18 is allowed) but NC17 is normally seen as box office suicide for the mainstream US studios because it obviously really restricts money making potential. As I understand with the USA 'R' rating it you could still take a 5 year-old into see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as long as it is accompanied by someone over 17. It does open up a massive market for more adult themed films, though the issue of being able to expose much younger people to imagery before they are probably mature enough to properly process it is obviously another debate. Encase any non-UK residents are interested, this is the UK film certificate explanations (just click the image):

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