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  • i thnk irresective of persona;ities without goin to extremities is capable of love
  • As long as she loves him enough back - as in, will hardly criticise him and knows exactly what will make him happy and how to work his ego to her advantage in a way. She would need to know him very very well for him to love her - i think
  • There are many kinds of love, so I suppose that depends upon what you imply. If I look at the love I feel for my wife, I would have to say that as long as the ego is huge, love for another will always be limited. When I was a younger man, my ego caused me to be full of myself, my desires were all that mattered. There was no room in my life for someone else, unless it was to fulfill a sexual desire of mine. As I grew older I realized that other people mattered in a larger sense and this became increasingly more important to me. I wasn't a monster or anything and I see myself in many young men. I think I met my wife at the right time. She taught me how to love and I fell in-love with her. It is a type of love where I think about her before myself. If all you care about is you, you can never put someone before yourself and not know love's true meaning. I can't say that I don't have times where I'm selfish, as I'm human with all the failings of a being human. Love has however changed me (I think for the better), but to answer your question: A man with a huge ego can actually love a woman, but not as long as the ego is present; for anything to grow the time must be right. Selflessness is the soil that makes true love possible.
  • yes we can
  • When he is ready.
  • You should ask the guy who posted this question: He seems to be a selfproclaimed expert on having a huge ego. I'm sure he'll be HAPPY to tell you whatever it is it takes to convince you. :):):)
  • yes,love her in an egoistic way!
  • I wouldn't have thought so, if anything he'd merely love the fact that she loves HIM so much!
  • Good question. Should also apply to ladies as feelings of self importance is a problem with many of we humans. No time for others.
  • I think so, will he admit it?? I dont think so.
  • Yes, possibly more than someone with no ego at all.
  • To answer Your question, it's necessary to first answer mine. .
  • Sure, I do and we've been married for 40+ years. The other guy shouldn't have a problem if he finds the right woman. Her ego should be as high as his, otherwise she becomes submissive and he'll move on to someone else. I don't believe you can have real love unless you have balance and equality.

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