• First of all, before I begin, I want you to know that this answer is coming from an adult male. You didn't state your age, so it's difficult to ascertain how much body-awareness you have. Certain bodily functions are involuntary, and it appears you've described one of them. It's important that you added the fact that the wetness occurs even when you're not "turned on". It seems your body is responding to stimuli, and the result is sexual arousal. In orde to prepare for sexual intercourse, the vagina becomes moist, it's your body's natural lubricant that helps receive the penis in order for the friction to be pleasurable instead of painful. You yourself may not be "turned on", or you may even be trying to talk yourself out of the physical act, but your body knows what's happening, and responds on its own. (For example, did you know that in men's wrestling, it's not uncommon for one or both to get an erection brought on by the phyiscal contact and the strenuous effort being exerted? It's not sexual arousal or homosexuality, just physical contact alone that makes the body respond.) That's the scientific answer. Now, from a man's point of view, why are you embarrassed about it? Most men enjoy this signal from your body; I have personally never encountered a woman who I considered "too wet". I don't believe you need to be embarrassed, unless you're with an inexperienced person who equally does not understand what's happening. he or she may be turned off by it, but more awareness of how the female body works will help not only you, but your partner also. The things I've learned since my first one-on-one sexual encounter and what I know today could fill a book. I had a LOT of innocent/immature/uninformed misconceptions about sex and sexuality when I was younger.

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