• Lost, lonely and a big hole in your heart.
  • Lonely, depressed, a little lost maybe, it feels like there is no purpose in life, self confidence deserts you - it hurts!
  • it's a harsh existence, something i would not recommend
  • there was just another question about whether it's possible to pull the large intestine thru the anus. of course, that's one of the most painful things i can imagine. that emptiness, void, feeling of unrequited love must feel a lot like that horrific question just asked elsewhere. it's very sad! :(
  • Your entire life slows to a crawl. Nothing seems like it matters anymore. You don't want to move. You don't want to think. You just want to curl up and hide from the world.
  • Very, very depressing....... & sometimes there's actual pain!
  • Unloved, unworthy, unhappy.
  • I don't believe you can truly love and not be loved back. Love is the relationship between the two people. That seems more like infatuation and the pain from hurting ego. If you truly loved someone and they loved you back and for some reason they stopped loving you, if you truly loved them, you would want them to be happy even if it was without you. Broken hearts are broken ego and have nothing to do with real love. That is why when we "get over it" many times you say to yourself "what was I thinking", or "what was his name again?" Unless you enjoy torturing yourself. It takes time, but you get over it. You get over the broken ego.
  • Not sure because I'm blessed with being loved back!
  • It feels hard especially the younger you are. Be patient, I was. The lady of my desire is now my wonderful wife. She had many issues to deal with originally.
  • Among the worst things. . That's why I don't begin engaging emotionally in the person until I see clear signs of developing reciprocation. And only one step at a time.
  • you almost resent the person, almost hate them for not loving you. it hurts...
  • If you don't mind this kind of love, then believe me, this is true love. Provided if you find pleasure in the happiness of your loved one and feel pain and sadness in the despair of your loved one. Yes, sometimes you'll feel pain but their is pleasure in the pain too.
  • There's a very good song on Youtube that answers this question. Why Don't You Believe Me
  • Warm chocolate milk, mixed with arse.
  • ive always been the one to love but not feel it in return. i always thought i loved enough for both...9 years down the road i see the error of my ways now our roles have been reversed. its painful, its heartbreaking, its exausting and eventually you find you cant love enough for everyone.
  • empty, hollow, alone, alienated
  • It feels like whenever you think about him, or something that remotely related to him, your heart hurts, like a small piece of you heart gone missing, each time... And when you think you don't have any heart to lose anymore, you're dead wrong, cause it'd hurt every time his/her name was mentioned... I've been in this situation for almost 9 years and counting...
  • Best way I can say it, its like a knife in the back. It hurts and it drains you as long as it in your back.
  • Feels like you want to die and not exsist anymore, thats about the best way to describe that one.
  • to me it feels like false love if they dont love you then maby its not ment to be (im my opinion)
  • terrible, its one of the worst feelings I've ever experienced. I am much happier now and the idea of feeling like that again helps me give any romantic prospect at quite a wide berth.
  • Normal.
  • Wanting to kill myself......I was in that same situation for 8 yrs.
  • you would probably feel invisible.
  • I HATE IT.. when it happened to me I was sad for about 1 year afterwards.. and the thing that hurt the most is that she didn't believe I loved her in the first place.. Now I hate her, I guess thats how it works

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