• Most likely, yes. Children learn by doing, the same as adults. He likely saw something on TV. You should ask him where he saw it, since he's probably naive enough to answer truthfully. A worse-case scenario, of course, is that he's been humped, perhaps by an older kid.
  • Yes he has seen someone do it. I'm not sure how to deal with this, I think you should consult a physician. Maybe Google Kids behaviors.
  • don't talk to any of the freaks in here take him to a pycologist
  • Its normal. Kids like to bounce. The springs in the bed make it more fun than on the floor. It likely has nothing to do with what he might have seen. just be glad he isn't jumping (standing up) so he doesn't fall.
  • It is a commonly known fact that children fondle their genitals from an early age. You can see little girls bouncing on the arms of chairs while watching their favourite shows, and little boys rubbing themselves on stuffed animals. You wouldn't really call it "masturbation", since there's no sexual feeling or fantasy involved, the kids just do it because it feels good, or because it's comforting to them (like that soft blanket, only it's always with them!) Most experts agree that it's not a good idea to discourage the behaviour - excessive genital touching can be a sign that the child is in need of medical care (possible UTI or yeast infection), or even just some extra affection. If you must reign in the behaviour, it's best to do so by pretending to ignore it, and nonchalantly redirect their attention to an interesting toy or activity.
  • I am scared that someone has done something sexual to him. How would I find that out for sure?

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