• i am sorry...i lost mine(11) last month on the 19th....just love him and keep him as comfortable as possible....:)
  • i love dogs and cats and all animals. a dog doesn't understand what is happening. the best thing to do if he is that old and is in pain is to put him down. i've had to do this to a few of my pets and i cry every time. but i don't want them to suffer longer than they have to. i wish if i was dying and in pain i could make that choice for myself.
  • You need to ask the vet this question. He will give you some options. My mom's old dog was in her last throes, obviously in pain, couldn't walk, eat, or drink. She took the dog to the vet and had her "put to sleep." Then she cried for a month. But she's had a new dog for about 10 years and she's happy again.  
  • If your pet's kidney's aren't functioning, he will not die an easy death. It's very hard to do - I know, because I've done it a number of times - but please don't allow your pet to suffer. Assuming that your veterinarian is fully aware of your pet's condition, ask him to guide your decision for the most humane time to end your pet's sufffering....and tough as it may be, give your pet as much love as possible and then let him go ..... quickly. You have my deepest sympathy. GOD bless you - and your beloved pet. P.S. You can have the remains created, and scatter his ashes in a favorite spot.
  • If your dear pooch is in ANY PAIN or need to put your feelings on the shelf and do the right thing for your dog...putting a dog to sleep is not a scary thing for the dog. Animals live in the exact moment they are in. If their moments are full of pain, discomfort, confusion, then they are upset and not having any fun at all...then we have to make the hard, painful (for us) choice to help them get out of those lousy moments and get away from this dysfunctional and painful body! Animals are not afraid to die...pain, however, is one long nasty final walk and only you can make it stop. When I finally accepted that I was putting it off too long, (and getting a lot of dirty looks from my beloved dog, Bossco, who had been a great Therapy dog most of his life spent helping others) He had mashed potatoes with chicken and gravy for dinner, followed by vanilla ice cream and HERSHEY CHOCOLATE SYRUP for afters. Of course, now that I feed all my dogs and cats a Raw meats, bones, organs (Species Appropriate) diet, he would have gotten Raw meat of some type that would be appreciated by him...and then the chocolate covered vanilla ice cream...(and yes, I know about dogs and chocolate, and normally NEVER allow such a thing..but at that point...really, who cares) On the way to the Vet's he also had 4 double cheese burgers and a LARGE fry from Mac D's...(Bossco was a very big dog..<wink>) When we had to put my partner's Chocolate Lab, Coffee, down, our room mate raced home and brought back 3 (cooked) chicken thighs for her...we let her eat the meat off of them...and then Coffee gently started pulling on the bones we were holding and looking at us like we were stupid fools...."Come on now, GIVE ME THE BONES! What's it gonna do...KILL ME? LET GO OF THE BONES, YOU SILLY WOMEN!" All three of us sat on the Vet's front grass yard, bawling, with Coffee looking at each of us as if she had some small hope that we might just manage to figure IT time for her to enjoy that part of the treat as well...and once we did...she crunched and looked at us as if to say..."yeah, that's right, I knew you guys weren't totally dumb..crunch, crunch, gimme that one too...yeah...good girls!" We were laughing and bawling when our Vet came out to get us and looked SOOOOOO guilty...omg we gave her cooked chicken bones! We explained and the Vet started laughing and crying too...She had known Coffee-girl her whole it was about as hard for the Vet as it was all of us. It is never easy...but it is THE RIGHT THING to do. Blessings, love and laughter fill your heart...all of the good memories will shine on forever, and when you are ready, you'll probably do it all again...and your dog will KNOW that he loved you so well, you had to have MORE OF THAT SPECIAL your life...he did his "job" right, he addicted you to canine love and caring...Good Dog.
  • Thank you everyone for your responses and support! The vet said he wasn't in any pain but wasn't sure of how serious his condition was. Tommy passed away tonight around 7pm. He will be missed :'(
    • OC Joe
      Very sorry Big Jake.
  • first if he's under pressure sing him a lullaby then tell him you love him and make him as comfortable as possible

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