• ? Use a different computer???
  • use the computer at your local library. . why is it that some people cant handle the truth.
  • If you have a static IP (you would know it if you did), you will need to contact your ISP. For a dynamic IP, try disconnecting your router or modem. Chances are, you'll get the same IP back, but you may get lucky. Otherwise, you need to wait until your IP lease expires and hope a new one is assigned.
  • the easiest way to make your IP address appear different to the website you're connect to is through some proxy. ...your IP is technically still the same, but the website you're requesting will see a different IP that was allocated to you by the proxy. If you want to change the IP address on your machine then you would have to do it through a VM machine, using a router, or changing your network card.
  • Not sure where this is coming from, but depending on the reason and your ISP, there are many ways to do this. 1. If your ISP uses dynamically assigned IP addresses then just go to the command line and type in "iprenew" and hit enter. This will not work if your ISP uses static IP assignments. This assumes you are not behind a router on a LAN. 2. If you want to give yourself a new IP address for the purpose of masking your identity... then your best bet is an anonymous proxy server. There are some good ones who are free... just google them. 3. If you want to mask IP addys for the purpose of streaming video that is unavailable in your country, you will need to set up a paid account at a proxy server as the bandwidth needed for streaming video is beyond what the free proxies will allow. If you want to be more specific on your needs/reasons then I can be more specific in my answers. Hope this helps.

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