• If its a private school, it is not illegal. They are a business.
  • Regrettably, if you're speaking tuition - that's an "optional" level of schooling. It would only be deemed illegal if you were talking about a debt to a public school. The law does require a child to be in school, and many cities are adopting stricter truancy laws which punish the parent if their child is truant, in addition to the student. The law does NOT require a child be enrolled in an optional, paid program. The school can deny the childs admission if that is their policy. I hope your public school system is a good one.
  • No, not if you're refering to a college or private school. The reason behind the denial is similiar to being denied another credit card because your other one is left unpaid.
  • If there is tuition it is a private school (a business) and they are definitely within their rights to deny access to their school if tuition is not paid. You always have the option (in the States) of going to public schools.
  • sounds like it would be
  • If you are talking about a private school then yes it is legal. You sign a contract to pay that school to provide an education and for that you will pay x amount of money in what ever payment schedule the contract states. That contract is as binding as any other contract. The child is not being denied an education. The government provides free education to all students. They are called public schools. The child is being denied admittance to the institution who has a contract with the parents who broke that contract. No different than contracting to buy a car only choosing to make different payments or no payments breaking the contract and they repossess the car.

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