• Great question! I am rather tall, so I haven't ran into too many women taller then me, but I would not initially be attracted to her because of her height. But if she had a great personality and a kinky mind, my mind could be easily changed.
  • No, I would not date a man shorter than I am, because I am 5'3". I like a tall man anyway. +5
  • I've been with many a-tall female. Doesn't really change my perception of them, further than 'she is taller'.
  • I'm only 5'2" so, no, I wouldn't date a man shorter than me.
  • I haven't liked any guy shorter than me since I was about 12 years old. I am not attracted to shorter guys, so he would have to have an amazing personality for me to start being attracted to him. I like to be the small one in the relationship.
  • Yes i would date a taller woman.
  • I would be willing to date someone shorter than me, sure. As it stands I normally date a guy about the same height or only a tiny bit taller, so if I wear heels I end up being taller.
  • yeah if he made me happy height doesnt matter
  • The last guy I dated was about 5'5 and im 5'10, but I would prefer guys that are at least my height.
  • yeah i would, as long as we are happy, get along together and like being with each other then it doesn't matter. yeah some people would make jokes and stuff about the height difference because that's just the why society is but that none of that matters if you are in love or just happy with the person you are with
  • Whatever the women here may say, the statistical evidence is "No".
  • To me a shorter man is a real turn off. I do not know what it is, but I find it very unattractive. I have dated a few guys that were shorter though but I ended up with a 6'7 for a husband :P
  • Well, I am pretty short, but it's something that doesn't matter to me, and it's something I don't think about. So as far as partners go, I am completely indifferent to their height.
  • I don't mind shorter men at all...I do prefer taller men, but actually I am so tall all the men ended up being smaller than me anyway, with heeels, they would have to be about 6ft 4" to be the same height
  • I'm 6'-9" tall. There are VERY few women taller than I! LOL (My first wife was 6'-0" and my current wife is 5'-1".) However, I considered dating girls taller than I when I was "in the market". Again, though, there just aren't many, except maybe in the WNBA. ;-)
  • i might especially since im only 4ft5

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