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  • Why shouldn't you have to do it just because you're a girl?
  • Well it's give and take, I don't mean to sound rude but to be honest things be worse for you. Sometimes just doing something you don't want to will save the house from an argument because of a power strugle. If it keeps up things could blow out of proportion and end up changing someone completly. Mind you this was a while back and I can elaborate more on this because this is just a spur of the moment thing here
  • You shouldn't have to.I would hope that your mom (woman in his life)made/encourage him do so.Beside, its just the right thing to do.
  • Poor girl, your dad seems to be stubborn about it. I hope he leaves it cleaned, flushes the toilet and washes his hands afterwards, otherwise I advise you to glue a warning sign on it. Good luck ;)
  • I guess you could grow up in my family with 5 brothers and 3 sisters. We didn't even bother to ask because it wouldn't do any good. My Mom finally got my Dad to make a bathroom for the girls only and it was wonderful and feminine with lots of mirrors. The girls could use both bathrooms, but the guys could only use theirs. I guess I'm easy-going for any man I'm with. However, public restrooms, I always paper. +5
  • How about this. He agrees to put it down when he is done, and you agree to put it up when you are done. Fair?
  • There are worse tragedies in the world, seriously if that's one of the major issues with your dad then you have it great! Just do it yourself, geez. I understand it can be a minor inconvenience, but is it really worth all the attention?
  • Nope (LOL)--it's a man thing...just put the seat down and let it go..but be sure you lower the lid when you are finished, he just might get a surprise in the middle of the night!
  • Is he a good Dad that has been there all of your life? If so, you're very lucky. There aren't enough good Dad's anymore! Count your blessings; close your eyes and put it down yourself. And after you do it, remind yourself how lucky you are to have him! My husband does annoying things like that too, but he does so much right; it's not even worth saying anything about it!
  • Here's an idea: If you want it down and it's not, put it down. If he wants it up and it's not, he lifts it. Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you can't do it yourself.
  • So, what you're saying is you like the occasional butt rinse in the toilet bowl? It seems to me that looking before you sit is just as smart a thing to do as watching where you walk. You are a lady. It seems to me that YOU have a vested interest in checking that pesky toilet seat BEFORE you sit down. It's hinged for a reason...and it's a bi-directional hinge, too. It goes up AND it goes down.
  • I just drank an opened one months old bottled water w/ cigarette ashleys in it.
  • Not a big deal. If you have to put the seat down, it's just as inconvenient for him to lift the seat up.
  • Its a toilet seat just put it down i use to do that.
  • take it from a guy, its NO use nagging us, that only makes things worse. what you got to do is lift it up when youve finnished and dont change the paper when it runs out, then take it from there+5
  • Well frankly I agree with you on the germ side of things. Not only do the men in my household put the seat down but they put the lid down as well before flushing. It is a hygiene issue and nothign to do with gender. But, it is your dads house and he does have a right to be gross if he wishes too. I would simply get a small spray can of disinfectant and spray some in the toilet before using it.
  • I must be lucky I have 2 sons that live here and they usually do put down the lid and if they forget me and my 2 daughters have to put it down and my daughter is a germ freak as she says it about herself, and she says she uses her shoe to put the lid down LOL so I can truly relate with you, my biggest thing is if its in the middle of the night and I go in and its not down I have hurt myself trying to sit on it with the lid up and the next day the boys get yelled at , so he should try to compromise with you and not be so politically correct after all it may be his house so since it is then its his germs on the toilet so to be fair then he should be able to put the lid down . good luck!
  • yeah I already answered this once but now I have a video answer.... clearly you are not like tata young... you want a man to make your world prepared for you personaly.
  • I agree with you... its not nice, he should actually put the lid down too before his flushes. However, he is right and it is his house and seems like you are just going to have to put up with it.
  • If it bothered you that much, I'd respect your wishes.. However I really would have to side with you dad on this one, it's a little bit 'So what'... But then again my toilet is in a seperate room from the rest of the bathroom, so no flying poo germs on my toothbrush :) Lol
  • It's his house so he can do whatever he pleases. When you have your own house the same will apply to you too
  • I'm not a germophobe, but I don't like looking at the thing. But your dad's right. If you don't like it, you'll just have to deal until you get your own apartment.
  • well you can't change your dad even thought he is wrong. so you can continue to argue or just put it down yourself. which is less stressful?
  • this is the beauty of having your own can be gross if you want to and you don't have to be gross if you don't want to...get your own place!

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