• move out lol.
  • There should be a large sheet of Glass in at least one wall,Its known as a Window If you go and push and tweak and turn and generaly fiddle with the Window,It may open and let in some fresh air,this might help!!
  • fresh air, and frbreze!! maybe even light some candles
  • eeeewwww... I'm sure the secret is "out"! Yeah... Let the OUT in. OPEN ALL WINDOWS! VACUUM! BREAK OUT THE LYSOL! Scrub walls... all surfaces. Good luck!
  • Definitely open a window if you have, frebreeze, lighting matches helps kill odor, it sounds like it needs to be aired out and kept clean, wash everything that odor gets into, including shampooing the carpets and upholstery. Then shower more often to keep the odor away.
  • Open any windows. Take all clothing that wasn't just washed, and wash it. Strip the bed of all linens, and wash those too. While the mattress is bare, spray it with something like Febreze to remove odors from the mattress itself. Make sure you get a good coating of Febreze on there, then leave the sheets off long enough for it to fully dry. Aim a fan at it if you want to, it will speed up the drying process. Vacuum the carpets. Shampoo them if necessary. If they aren't going to be shampooed, spray them with Febreze. If you have any curtains or upholstered furniture, spray that with Febreze too. Take a shower. Wash everywhere. With soap. Put on freshly laundered clothing. Consider using deodorant. Remake bed with clean linens. Put away all clean clothes. Keep the windows open as long (and as often) as possible. Then leave the room, and come back in. Does it still smell? (Gosh I hope not!) If so, you missed something - sniff it out and take care of it.
  • keep the windows open, get the whole place all washed up and well ventilated.
  • Heres MADADS alternative answer: Either you or your clothes or even your room are unclean,maybe its all three. Try washing more often and use a good anti-perspirant,wash your clothes after one use.and make sure your room is well ventilated and cleaned regularly. I prefer my other answer but you seem to need the truth rather than a bit of fun.
  • find the cause wash yourself with a good deodrant soap~~like Irish Sprin Clean the dirty laundry that has built up shampoo the rug and drapes and the furniture use a strong room deodriizer~~like Glade?
  • open window, use plug in scented, and wash all dirty clothing and take a shower everyday.
  • open the windows, turn on fans, blow the air OUT ... get some Fabreeze and spray it ... CLEAN YOUR ROOM ... get the dirty clothes off the floor ... change your bed sheets ... STOP living like a slob
  • I don't want to be an accomplice in a homicide case. :) Did You kill someone? ;)
  • Get rid of the body!
  • you could try taking a shower

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