• I don't think so, but once I watched a group of maybe about ten people get shown in and seated, and they waited maybe just over 5 min. for someone to come take their order (not sure if they got their drinks yet), and apparently the adults in the group were very disgusted with the service(which wasn't half bad), and they left in a big huff.
  • Yes. The last time was at a famous pea soup restaurant. We took one look at the crazy prices on their menu and left. ₪ ɦəlʞɹɐq ₪
  • yes, was a new restaurant in my area. i did not see one thing that appealed to me and my companion felt the same so we went to our fave and had a great time. +5
  • A number of times. If the restaurant is dirty, freezing, hot, stinks, too many noisey kids, or I don't want anything on the menu, I exit.
  • Once maybe twice. The menu was uninteresting.
  • Thata happened to my family when I was little. We went to AppleBees twice and before we could order I threw up on the table and then we just left. Then we finallly went there a year of two ago and it wasn't that good of food.
  • On a few occasions. Usually because of extreme prices. I appreciate places that display a copy of the menu at the entrance.
  • Yes I have. I don't remember where I was but the menu did not look appetizing at all.
  • Only once. I guess we weren't in the mood for the type of food that was on the menu.
  • A few times. There are times when I don't see anything I'm in the mood to eat.
  • i dont think so, ever. im really open to try anything so even if its foreign and looks gross ill probably try it
  • Yes, but it wasn't because of the items on the menu. We waited almost 30 minutes for the waitress to come back and take our order but she never did.
  • No never. I usually know whats on the menu before I go in. I usually know the prices as well.
  • Ha ha...yes. Sometimes you really just don't know what your in the mood for. Lol. But then again. We will be seated and wait (keeping in mind the restaurant is not busy) like 10 minutes and nobody comes to ask what we want to drink or anything. My mom usually gets mad and tells us were are going elsewhere. But hey food is food.
  • Yes, I have.
  • Yes, but only because there was a dead cockroach in the menu.
  • Yes, several times. Inept service usually. No menu or service after 10-15 minutes of seating; several people seated after you, being given menues & placing orders first; actually being asked "You don't mind waiting, do you..these people tip good!" Look, I am the customer! Its my money they want. I love to pay to get good food & good service. But I will not pay to get ignored, nor insulted. Someone else can get that money. Ihave no problem with that.
  • yes , i didnt think i wanted to pay 17.00 for a pork chop
  • Yep. I can only sit down for so long waiting for service before I will decide to just get up and walk out.
  • Yes, if the prices were far too high & much more than I was expecting, or when nothing on the menu appealed to me. +5
  • yea me and my bro decided to go to this place, and the service was good, but we looked at the menu prices, then looked at each other, it was ridiculous, we just left
  • A few times. Because nothing looked good on their menu, or they were too over priced.+5

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